How to Vape for the First Time for a Smoother Experience

How to Vape for the First Time for a Smoother Experience

July 27, 2021

A man holds a silver RELX Infinity device and a wireless charger while sitting on the sofa

What is vaping without the cutting-edge technology that makes it more convenient to use? 

Cue the “Fikirkan Boleh” anthem. Give yourself and everybody else reading this a round of applause! You’ve chosen to switch to e-cigarettes, and now you’re looking for answers to questions such as “What is vaping?”, “How do you choose the right device?”, “How do you achieve a high-quality puff?”, and plenty more besides.  

New experiences can be both exciting and challenging. Many things may catch you by surprise – but don’t kan cheong just yet. The foundation of any journey is to set up what you’ll need for the whole ride. So, let’s find out the basics! 

The Anatomy: Vape Parts 

What is vaping without acknowledging the tech that makes it possible? First, take a good look at the vape device you're holding. No matter what mod or system you use, the structure of a vape device is the same. Specific parts with specific functions work together to deliver the vapour you inhale. Nowadays, close-pod systems are more favourable for their uncomplicated use and their parts inside. Instead, they focus on the quality of those few pieces needed. 

Firstly, let’s explore the pod that houses the atomiser, e-liquids, and mouthpiece. A good pod design influences how smooth the vape experience will be. For instance, RELX Pods are designed with an ergonomic mouthpiece and leak-resistant maze to ensure comfortable and secure vaping. 

Secondly, let’s take a closer look at atomisers. An atomiser is in charge of heating e-liquids to produce vapours. Made up of heat-conducting materials, they come in various shapes and sizes to fit different tanks or pods. Today, cotton and ceramic have become the go-to because cotton has outstanding flavour absorption, and ceramic can distribute heat evenly. 

Thirdly, there are e-liquids and the ingredients they comprise, such as propylene glycol (PG), glycerol, and flavourings. Together, they produce the vapour you inhale. A well-balanced e-liquid ratio is vital to achieve a smooth puff that does not itch your throat. Flavourings also play an essential role in easing the transition of newly switched vapers. 

Last but not least is the vaporiser, the vape device’s main body that houses the battery, charging points, air flows, and power button (if any). The build of the vaporiser is important because this is what you’ll grip when vaping. For example, RELX devices have a compact and lightweight design that make them portable and easy to handle. 

The Ability: Ready to Vape 

You’re making significant progress! Now that you’re familiar with the insides of your vape device, it’s time to learn how to operate it. It’s a simple act of bringing the device’s mouthpiece to your lips and inhaling it. Remember to keep it upright so that the e-liquids are evenly heated. Most closed-pod systems automatically activate when you inhale. However, some devices require you to press a button while inhaling. Take control of your vaping, and do it at your own pace. 

A helpful tip is to be well-versed on anything device or battery related. Also, take note of the standard LED or vibrating low-battery indicators, and make a habit of charging the device when it’s low on power. Finally, if you’re not using your device for a long while, separate the pod from the device for safekeeping. 

The Activation: Vape Power and Capacity 


A Black RELX Infinity vape device with the 1500mAh and 100mAh Infinity wireless charging cases on steps.

What is vaping without sufficient and efficient power to accompany you throughout the day? 

The latest vape devices on the market usually start at 300mAh to 400mAh. The higher its miiliamp per hour (mAh) rating, the longer it can run before needing a recharge. A higher mAh also ensures stable firing and heating of the e-liquid. However, everybody’s daily vape consumption habits are different, so how often you need a recharge will vary. An average vaper with a 350mAh device will most likely need to charge once every two days. If you’ve just switched to e-cigarettes, you should know that battery life is vital for a smoother experience. It can be a real pain to find yourself out of power with nowhere to charge! 

Nowadays, there are numerous charging-related accessories available: cable lanyards, mini power banks, charging docks and cases, and more. For instance, take a look at the RELX Infinity Wireless Charging Case with a 1500mAh rating. Beyond its sleek and slim design, it also provides an extra three days of power for the RELX Infinity device. Its dual-pin charging mechanism enables it to charge wirelessly too. 

A pro-tip on charging: If you’re getting extra charging cables from third-party brands, ensure they are verified. The best policy is always to use the charging cable supplied with your box set. Bonus pro-tip: carefully consider where you’ll keep or store your vape devices. Cold temperatures may affect battery life, as it will require more time and effort to charge.  

The Attention: Caring for Your Vape 

As with all gadgets, a bit of tender loving care will help to increase your vape device’s longevity. Knowing how to maintain it or clean it ensures you’ll get the best out of it every time. You’d be surprised at how long it can serve you if you keep it in good condition. 

When cleaning your vape device, do not use wet tissues to avoid damaging any electronics or e-liquids. A slightly moist cloth or a microfibre cloth are good options. Then, use a cotton bud when you’re cleaning the internal magnet where pods attach. All you have to do is lightly swirl the cotton bud to pick up any dust or gunk. 

Storing your device in a safe, dry and clean environment will help to protect it from wear and tear. At home, place your device away from sharp surface edges, shaky furniture, or, uh, butterfingers. Most importantly, keep them away from moisture, sunlight and high temperatures. Wet conditions affect the ingredients in the pods, compromising taste and smoothness. On the other hand, sunlight and heat can cause them to oxidize faster. 

When you’re heading out, avoid putting it in pockets or bags with keys or anything sharp, and definitely do not leave them in the car – especially if you’ve parked under the hot sun. Actually, why not invest in a pouch or a case to keep your vape safe? 

Last but not least: check your vape device’s warranty and the terms of their aftersales service. Choosing a brand that provides excellent and responsive service goes a long way in maintaining the longevity of your device. 

The Ambition: Getting Super Smooth Puffs 


A black RELX Infinity vape device beside a pencil on a table full of papers and files.

Powered by Super Smooth TM Technology, RELX vape devices ensure high-quality puffs. 

To achieve the best quality puffs possible, it all depends on a few key factors: abiding by best practices; device and pod care and maintenance; and the tech available in your vape device. The pods, e-liquids and battery life all play important roles in delivering smooth puffs. But above all that, the best way to enjoy a smooth vape experience is to remind yourself always to stay hydrated. If you ever get a dry mouth feeling or experience a harsh throat, drink plenty of water 

Besides learning how to care for the pods, another good tip is to purchase authentic pods if you’re using closed-pod systems. Ciplak pods or pod-hacks may damage your device, and will void your warranty. The best policy for peace of mind is to always purchase directly from brands or authorised retailers.  

For those who have just switched to vaping, the RELX Infinity and RELX Essential are two of the best vape devices in the market. Without a doubt, RELX’s devices are made to deliver a high-quality puff effortlessly. This is because their parts, from the pen to the pod, are all designed to work together to produce optimum vapour delivery, which enables vapers to enjoy the journey fully.

If you're buying a RELX product, click here to verify your authentic product.

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