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Four Funny Vape Questions People Have

April 18, 2022

A moment of epiphany, usually happening in a cloud of vapour, is something that is familiar to vapers far and wide (usually while recognising that you have yet another vape question whose answer is unknown to you). 

We're talking about the realisation that you've come a long way from your old cigarette habit and have successfully made the switch to vape. 

Of course, this surely wasn’t an easy thing to do, so congratulations! Now, you probably did your research before making your decision, and you must have gone through so many resource articles and forums trying to understand the choice you would be making. 

There’s no shame in that at all; finding out the answers to any questions you have will always be a good thing, and there’s nothing wrong with not knowing the answers right away. Still, we were curious, so we took a cyber stroll around the online vape world to see what people were asking. 

From basic questions like how does a vape work or how many puffs can I have a day to the bizarre, these are the ones we found most amusing.

1. Can vaping make your teeth fall out?

A gloved hand holds false teeth.

Switching to vape from cigarettes is good for your oral health.

Having switched from cigarettes to a vape makes this vape question a little more understandable if you’re a newbie. 

After all, chronic smokers are more likely to suffer from gum disease, tooth loss, and in serious circumstances, mouth cancer than people who don’t smoke. They’re also more susceptible to having dental problems and have a bigger chance of failure when undergoing dental implants.  

However, if you switch to vaping, the chances that these will happen to you aren’t the same. 

According to a recent study, switching from cigarettes to vapes can improve your oral health.  So, no, your teeth won’t fall out. 

If anything, you may notice that your gums have started to recede. However, it can be prevented by switching to vape juice without nicotine. And as you continue your #NoSmoke journey, quitting for good will look more achievable and help your oral health long-term.

2. Can you drink vape juice?

Vape bottles with juice in different colours stand side by side.

Never, never, ever drink vape juice. Want to taste it? Vape it! 

No. Nope. No way, absolutely not. Why would you even consider it?   

Never, under any circumstances, ever drink your vape juice–just because it smells good does not mean you can taste it that way even if it seems like it would go great with your tapau. 

Commonly available vape juice contains 30 to 50mg of nicotine and consuming all that would be bad for your body. A person who consumes an estimated 50 to 60mg of nicotine might actually go to their eternal rest, as the expression goes. 

If you're thirsty, please stick to water, juice, coffee, or other beverages. If you want to taste vape juice, turn it into vapour first. 

Again: Boss, do NOT drink vape juice. We’re serious.

3. Can vaping make you fat?

A blue weighing scale lies on an orange floor.

Vaping won’t do anything to change your weight.

Because there are so many flavours available in the market, it can be easy to associate sweetness with calorie count. However, there is no proven link between vaping and weight gain. 1mL of e-liquid has around five calories. When you compare this to a snack or meal, it's a minuscule amount.  

You don't ingest calories when taking a hit from vaping, and the calorie value noted on e-liquids is only the energy value for the substance. Don't worry. No evidence proves vaping can cause weight gain.

4. Why does my vape juice taste like soap?

Several bath soaps lie beside their main ingredients.

Damaged taste buds, unsteeped vape juice and badly made vape juice can be the culprits.

You might find this an odd question, but many ask it, and there's more than one possible answer. 

The longer you smoked, the more likely you damaged your taste buds. This means that you might have a hard time recognising subtle flavours or could even get regular tastes all mixed up. 

If this is happening to you, you can relax. Taste buds will recover from the effects of smoking given enough time, and you can even temporarily switch to a mentholated e-juice until yours are back to normal. 

Another possible reason is that you have not ‘steeped’ your vape juice for long enough. If you don’t know how to do it, just place your closed vape juice bottles in a cool and dark place that has good ventilation for an extended period and shake them from time to time. 

In fact, some vapers prefer to steep their juice for weeks at a time. The process allows for optimal flavour when using your device. 

If this still doesn’t work, clean your device and change your coils to see if there’s a difference. If your juice still tastes like soap, it’s time to replace it with something better.   

The next time you have a question regarding your vape that you aren’t comfortable asking, look for answers in scientific research. That way, you’ll be sure of the accuracy of what you read. 

And please, don’t ever drink your vape juice.

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