Young bearded man vaping red RELX Infinity and staring into the sun as he sits besides the sea

Vape Beginner Tips: What Happens When You Switch

July 27, 2021

Young bearded man vaping red RELX Infinity and staring into the sun as he sits besides the sea.

Learning how to get the best out of your vape device will ensure a smooth vaping experience

Kudos! We assume that you’ve recently switched and want to learn more about the vaping experience if you’ve found yourself here. But even if you’re still considering it, that's alright, because all are welcomed to learn. By doing so, we’re confident that you'll have a super-smooth switch. 

Today, numerous devices are available in the vape world, and each device is usually packed with different systems, build, functions, features, and more. So, arming yourself with bit of knowledge will be helpful as you progress – what vape systems are available, how to operate them, what to expect, and so on. Eventually, the goal is to create an effortless transition to vaping for you. 

But before we get to the vaping experience, we must first learn more about its technicalities. So, let’s take a quick tour of the vape systems available today! 

Vape Systems: Which One is More Mantap? 

It’s a subjective topic, but we think open-refillable systems and closed-pod systems are equally mantap. It really depends on vapers and how vaping assimilates into their daily life. Let’s check out some key differences between the two: Open-refillable systems operate with a manual tank, and you have the freedom to refill your e-liquid. Meanwhile, closed-pod systems come with a pre-filled flavour pod, and you can switch these pods or dispose of them once finished.  

Open-refillable systems allow vapers to customise their devices to their heart’s content, with changeable parts such as tanks and atomizers. However, one small snag is that it requires more maintenance and product knowledge. In contrast, closed-pod systems offer a more hassle-free experience with little to no maintenance required. You only have to avoid any damage to its flavour pods. Plus, their compact and lightweight design makes them really convenient, so it’s no surprise that closed-pod systems are increasingly becoming a crowd favourite. 

Whether you’ve recently switched or you’re an experienced vaper, closed-pod systems can provide you with a smooth, easy vaping experience. Either way, another essential factor to consider is which system will give you smooth puffs while vaping and not leave your throat with harsh hits. 

The Puff Game: How to Tarik? 

Let’s talk about how to vape – literally. How do we achieve those rich and smooth puffs that everybody desires in their vaping experience? You must be thinking, “What’s so tricky about it? Simply lift, tarik and enjoy, right?” 

Well, yes, those are the basic steps, but interestingly, there’s more to inhalation methods than that. The two most common methods are the Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) method and the Direct-to-Lung (DTL) method. MTL involves inhaling the vapour and holding it in your mouth for a few seconds, before sending them to your lungs. Contrastingly, DTL, as you’d expect, is when you inhale the vapour straight down into your lungs.  

A lot of old-school vapers prefer the DTL method for its ability to exhale fuller clouds. But it also depends on whether your device is compatible with DTL or not. Generally, the MTL method is recommended for those who’ve just switched, because you're a lot more likely to enjoy a full-flavour vaping experience. 

Advanced brands such as RELX make it possible to vape using both methods. Their sophisticated technology ensures that flavour pods are “Super Smooth”, and that there are no harsh hits when vaping, no matter which method you use. 

What to Expect in the First Seven Days, So You Won’t FFK. 


Calendar with mark on it.

When you switch to vaping, you can feel the changes in as little as seven days. 

Now that we understand what makes a vape device and how to use it, we’re ready to talk about the vaping experience. Naturally, embarking on new journeys and leaving something familiar behind comes with its own set of hurdles. Many things may catch you by surprise. So, here’s what to anticipate during the first seven days after switching to an e-cigarette. The more you know, the less likely you’ll FFK and revert to old habits. So, let’s get into it! 

On Day 1, get to know your device from top to bottom, front and back. Read the user manual and learn how to use, charge and care for it. Think of everything you read in the manual as critical information you will need for the long run, to help create a smooth transition process for yourself. 

Days 2 and 3 are vital adjustment periods. If you’re just switching to vape, you’ll notice that your body and mind are starting to adjust. Another thing you may experience is a “dry mouth” feeling. Staying hydrated is imperative during this period, as is keeping yourself motivated and optimistic about the benefits that lie ahead. So, keep a full water bottle near you at all times. 

On Days 4 and 5, it’s time to pay closer attention to behavioural changes. Previously, you’d need to finish your rokok in one go. Now, you can take your time when vaping, thus giving you more control. This could also be an excellent time to catch-up with your family and friends. Because you’re free from the smell of smoke and ash-covered clothes, get closer to your loved ones! 

By Day 6, you should already be a seasoned vaper, so you'll probably start wondering what else is there. It’s time to explore, of course! Go on a voyage with your tastebuds and try out new flavours. What tickles your fancy? Many vape brands provide you with an endless selection of flavours, such as fruity, minty, creamy and even dessert-like notes. 

Finally, on Day 7, you’ll definitely feel the changes though it’s only been such a short period of time. So why not tell others about your experience of switching to e-cigarettes? It's one of the best ways to round off your journey. Along the way, you might just inspire others as well. So, besides working towards a better you, strive for a more confident you too. 

Ready to Switch to The Best Vaping Experience? 


A white RELX Essential vape device on a white background with shadows.

RELX vape devices are made with Super Smooth Technology that ensures the smoothest vaping experience. 

If you’re ready to make the switch, the next step is finding a device that best fits you. Although there are many factors to consider, your vape of choice will usually depend on your interests and budget. You probably wouldn’t want something that will leave you pokai, right? Knowing yourself and understanding how vaping fits into your daily routine are essential in finding the best vape mod and vaping experience for you.  

Today’s vape brands are proud to present the hours and efforts that go into their product development. Research, tests and optimisations are continuously being done to ensure newly switched vapers get the best out of their device. For instance, brands such as RELX ensure product quality and durability, and the technology they engineer into their devices assures a Super Smooth performance in every puff.  

If you’ve yet to find a suitable device for you, consider switching to one of the best Super Smooth vaping experiences with RELX Infinity or RELX Essential today. You’re gonna have the smoothest vaping experience yet! 

If you're going to purchase a RELX product, bear in mind that you don't need to pay import tariffs.

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