A silver vape and white charger lie on a wooden table.

Vape Charger Trouble? 4 Reasons Why Your Charger Isn’t Working.

April 18, 2022

Your vape charger is your silent friend who tirelessly works to add power to your device when asked to. You may not think of it much, but it always has your back to make sure your vape experience is a good one. However, sometimes that silent friend needs a little help from you. But if it isn’t working, do you know what to do? 

Read this article to find out the four common reasons why your vape charger just isn’t working, plus some things you can do to make everything better. 

Before you go on, remember that vapes with built-in batteries usually let you use the same charger that powers up your other gadgets, like your phone or laptop. Larger vapes that have removable batteries (typically 18650 or 21700) need a special charger.

A vape charger holds four batteries.

The chargers connectors might be preventing proper operation.

Reason #1: Broken or dirty connectors are getting in the way

To power up your device’s battery properly, the vape charger needs to establish a full connection with your vape. If something gets in the way, the charging might not happen at full speed, or even at all. 

Some chargers have a built-in safety feature that stops them from working if the connection is unstable. It might be a little frustrating, but remember that it’s better than having your vape blow a fuse or get fried. 

To know if this is your charger’s issue, look at both ends of the cable (for vapes with built-in batteries). If there’s any damage to the metal parts, stop using it immediately. Then, try using a different cord. That will probably solve your issue. 

You should also check if there are some objects getting in the way of the connection. Dust, lint and dried vape juice are the usual culprits. You can try to gently remove them with a microfiber cloth, and refrain from using tissue or other fibrous material that could end up causing the same problem. 

Since the standalone chargers that most vapes with removable batteries use don’t have cords, just check the metal terminals on both the charger and the battery. The suggestions mentioned earlier apply here also.

A broken charging cable exposes its inner wiring.

Vape chargers can malfunction if theres something wrong with the cable. 

Reason #2: Physical problems with the cable

The wire inside the cable that connects the charger to your device or to the plug might be damaged. This can happen if you keep bending it, or wrapping it tightly around something.  

Damaged wires can send intermittent pulses of power to your device, resulting in your vape charging slowly. Irregular power delivery could also cause your unit to not charge at all, as a safety mechanism to avoid shorting the battery out. 

Not sure if your cable is the cause? Try a different one that doesn’t have any damage to see if charging happens at the usual speed. If that solves the issue, continue using the new cable until you can get the old one replaced (unless you’ve already chup the new one).

A burned wall socket is blackened from heat.

The power source can sometimes be to blame for the issue.

Reason #3: The power source isnt working

The third possibility is a simple one, but like a lot of basics, it can easily be overlooked. It is that the vape charger itself is fine, and the trouble is with the power source itself. 

There are many things that can cause a wall socket to go bad, ranging from dust or other foreign objects making their way inside the socket, or trouble with the power grid that the socket is connected to. 

If you want to know for sure if the socket is the issue and not the charger, plug something else into the same socket, and try your vape charger with a different socket (preferably one that isn’t part of the same grid). The same thing applies if your power source is a powerbank. 

Of course, this isn’t necessary if there’s visible damage, because that’s already a huge sign of the socket being at fault. If that’s the case, just switch to a different one and you shouldn’t have any more issues.

Two green batteries lie in a vape charger.

A blown fuse can keep your vape charger from working. 

Reason #4: Other hardware issues

Truth be told, there isn’t all that much which could go wrong with a vape charger (especially if it’s a standalone charger for removable batteries). 

However, you may sometimes encounter issues from a fuse that has blown. This actually keeps excess power from reaching your battery and causing a more serious problem. If you smell something burned, that’s probably a blown fuse. 

Now, this is why you should be careful with where you plug your charger. If the socket is actually putting out more power than the charger can handle, this could be the result. Just to be safe, you may want to use an automatic voltage regular or AVR, which keeps the power flowing smoothly and in amounts that your charger can handle with ease. 

Depending on the manufacturer and configuration, a vape charger with a blown fuse may still be usable. However, you should have the fuse replaced as soon as possible by a professional, unless you have the skill and experience to do it yourself.

A RELX vape lies in its wireless charging case.

Choosing a sturdy and high-quality product can reduce the chances of something going wrong.

Lessen the chances of something going wrong

Avoiding vape charger issues can be much easier if you choose a vape that is designed to give you reliable performance without any of the drama. 

The RELX Infinity line, for example, is made to last and can be charged with practically any recent-model phone charger and USB-C cord. If you’re the type who wants to power up on the go, you’ll be happy to know that they even have built-in pogo pins that allow them to be used with RELX wireless chargers. 

A reliable vape charger plus a solid-performing and good-looking vape. Now that’s a Super Smooth combo that you deserve.

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