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RELX Malaysia MY Pod Real Icy Mineral Tea Flavor Flavour 悦刻马来西亚雾化弹微风清澈水口味
Icy Mineral Water
32.00 MYR

No other icy flavors taste like this rich

"Superior cooling and richness with a 25% increase"
Pod Real
RELX MY Pod Pro 2 Flavor Oolong Ice Tea Flavour 悦刻雾化弹1颗装高凉铁观音茶口味🍵
Oolong Ice Tea
15.00 MYR

Unleash the power of Green Tea

Refreshing taste blend of delicate oolong tea leaves and a hint of ice. Specially crafted to deliver a smooth vaping experience, this flavor is great for those who enjoy the subtle yet distinct flavor of tea.
Best Seller ⭐️
RELX MY Pod Pro 2 Iced Black Tea Flavour 悦刻雾化弹中式红茶口味☕️
Iced Black Tea
15.00 MYR

Revitalize your vaping experience with Iced Black Tea

"It offers a burst of icy coolness and authentic black tea taste."
Back In Stock
Pod Pro 2
RELX Pod Pro 0% Nicotine
Juicy Apple
15.00 MYR

Crisp taste never falls far from the tree

Each puff delivers that crisp apple bite, giving your taste buds the perfect mix of sweet and tangy flavors.
Back In Stock
0% Nicotine
RELX MY Pod Pro 2 Flavor Lime Ice Flavour 悦刻雾化弹极凉青柠口味🍋‍🟩
Lime Ice
15.00 MYR

Experience the tart twist with the combination of sweet and sour

"With its icy selection of flavours, you'll feel like you're chilling out on a tropical beach with every puff. "
Pod Pro 2
RELX MY Pod Pro 2 Flavor Lychee Ice Flavour 悦刻雾化弹荔枝口味
Lychee Ice
23.00 MYR

A tropic blossom with a burst of lush flavor

"Lychee lovers, rejoice! "
Back In Stock
Pod Pro 2 Twin Pack
RELX MY Pod Pro 2 Flavor Classic Tobacco Flavour RELX MY Pod Pro 2 Classic Tobacco Package 悦刻雾化弹1颗装经典烟草口味
Classic Tobacco
15.00 MYR

Get reacquainted with a familiar favorite

"It brings back an authentic sensation, much like your favorite tobacco product that you are used to"
Back In Stock
Pod Pro 2

Shop Disposable Vape Flavors

Buy RELX Malaysia MY Disposable Vape Crush Pocket Sea Salt Lemon Flavors Flavours 3% Nicotine 购买悦刻马来西亚一次性电子烟海盐柠檬
Sea Salt Lemon
29.00 MYR
Ultra rich ultra icy flavor
RELX Crush Pocket
RELX WAKA Malaysia MY WAKA Solo2 Cola Flavour
5% / Cola
25.00 MYR
"It's got that cola vibe – sweet and refreshing. Being a huge cola fan, I absolutely love it!"
WAKA Solo 2
RELX WAKA Malaysia MY Disposable Vape WAKA soMatch MA6000 Kit Jasmine Greentea Flavor
6000 Kit / Jasmine Green Tea
38.00 MYR
"Aftertaste is pleasantly sweet, resembling brewed jasmine tea and is not too overpowering."
RELX Malaysia WAKA SoPro PA10000 Sakura Grape Flavour 🍇
3% / Sakura Grape
45.00 MYR
"The fruity flavor bursts with refreshing sweetness, offering an irresistible treat for anyone craving a sweet explosion."
RELX WAKA Malaysia MY Disposable Vape WAKA PA600 Mango Passion Fruit Flavor
3% / Mango Passion Fruit
16.90 MYR
"It captures the sweet and sour taste."

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A True Reflection of Art
RELX Artisan Metal
175.00 MYR
"Super outstanding! Totally differentiate my vape versus others"

96 reviews

3-Level Power, 1 Simple Click
RELX Infinity 2
89.00 MYR
"I love the different mode upgrade, this power adjustable feature is awesome!"

197 reviews

True Craftsmanship Lasts
RELX Artisan Leather
175.00 MYR
"The best vape device I bought so far, the leather feels just so good on hand and the firing of the device are so smooth"

211 reviews

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RELX devices (Infinity 2, Infinity Plus, Artisan, Essential and Classic) are made of aluminum alloy with high strength and endurance. The shell cartirdge material is PCTG produced by Eastman in the U.S., which is mostly used to make aviation cups, milk bottles, and other related goods. It is resistant to high temperatures and will not release harmful substances, so you can use it without any worries.

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1) The purpose of age verification is to verify your name, and it is necessary for every order.

2) There are 3 methods to verify your age: facial verification, ID card or credit card.

3) If you fail to verify your age, please contact RELX Global Customer Service Team at [email protected]

The shelf life of an unopened pod is 18 months when it is stored correctly. We recommend finishing an opened pod 15 days after opening it.

If you subscribe to our emails, you will get the best information on promotions. Additionally, by using the RELX Store Locator, you can find the current promotions at the store nearest you.

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