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Millennials are switching to vape after discovering its many benefits.  

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular amongst people of all ages. In fact, a growing number of millennials are hastening to make the switch to vape for FOMO (fear of missing out). In the same way, a significant number of people, including millennials, have chosen to switch after discovering the numerous benefits of vaping. For instance, they need no longer worry about smelling like an ashtray and may even find their chances of getting a date increasing.  

Here’s several key social advantages of making a switch to the #WorldSuperSmoothVape! 


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Vaping can improve your self-esteem and make you appear more dateable. 

Say Goodbye to Smelling Like an Ashtray

If you constantly worry about being presentable when meeting your friends, or in the presence of your clients and colleagues, stop! Vaping can help you to feel less self-conscious in these situations. Specifically, this is because the vapour emitted doesn’t have a foul stench that lingers on your clothes or skin. In addition, you can also take comfort in knowing that vape devices won’t cause a smoky environment. Because of this, friends, clients and colleagues will feel more comfortable being around you. Vaping will also make certain that you don’t leave ash or burn marks on your clothes, car fabric or home furniture.  

On that note, it’s time to say ‘selamat tinggal’ to the portable cologne spray-bottle you carry around and say hello to the RELX Infinity! This nifty device can fit snugly in your pocket or backpack and is extremely easy to use. Moreover, the RELX Infinity comes with a sleekly designed Slim Fit Charging Case, which can charge the device twice based on recommended regular usage and offers up to two days of battery life. It also features a Dual Charging System that allows for wireless charging with a built-in pogo pin, as well as a symmetrical USB-C port. 

58% of People Dislike the Idea of Dating Smokers, and That’s a Fact!

According to research, a staggering 58% of people have been found to be against the idea of dating a smoker. However, before you start believing that you’ll be lonely this Christmas, rest assured that vaping can improve your image and make you more dateable. 

In fact, successfully making the #SwitchToSmooth can also help you avoid awkward moments during a date, especially when you need to excuse yourself to light up. Aesthetically, RELX devices can boost your ‘wow’ factor on dates, as they’re also choice fashion accessories for any outfit. A couple of unique, stand-out benefits of e-cigarettes like the RELX Essential and Infinity devices are the Ergonomic Mouthpiece Design and Symmetrical Pods. Both features work in tandem to enhance the Super Smooth vape experience by cutting air leakage and enhancing the comfort experience with every inhale. Talk about a win-win! 


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Vaping is cost-effective and enables you to make everlasting memories with your loved ones.

You Will Save Ringgit in the Long Run 

Switching to vape can also help you to save some ringgit, opening you up to other, more adventurous possibilities. For instance, the money you save can be used for activities like travelling to holiday destinations or enjoying some good food with friends.  

One of the best ways to get more bang for your buck is to choose RELX. Take the RELX Infinity device, for example. It’s fitted with a Leak-Resistant Maze, which consists of 11 structural layers that provide a longer, more secure vaping experience. It also has a Smart Pace Vibration Alert, which is particularly beneficial for moderating your vape frequency by vibrating when you take 15 puffs in 15 minutes. 

In Malaysia, RELX Infinity — 2020 Red Dot Design Award winner — RELX Infinity and RELX Essential are priced affordably at RM85 and RM50, respectively. Alternatively, RELX vape pods are designed with an open system, which does away with the refilling process each time you run out of juice. It also offers up to 500 puffs per pod, which makes for a controlled yet thoroughly enjoyable vape experience. 

Plus, there are a couple of fragrant flavours available — RELX Fresh Red and RELX Menthol Xtra —  to help you make an easy switch to vape. Taking into consideration all the benefits of vaping, are you ready to make a #SwitchToSmooth and wake up your social life?

Group of friends enjoying party and throwing confetti

Celebrate your no-smoking journey with your best buddies. 

According to the National Health and Morbidity Survery 2015, 52.3% of Malaysians cigarette smokers were looking to quit the habit.[1]. Likewise, 59.5% of smokers thought about quitting after noticing health warning labels on cigarette boxes.  For a large number of smokers, their desire to quit the habit is driven by a variety of reasons, such as health, family, or finances. 

However, quitting is not easy, and relapsing is not uncommon. The good thing, though, is that each shot at quitting is another small step towards the day when you can finally say ‘Saya sudah berhenti merokok’!  

Housemates John Ng, 30 and Reuben Michael, 31, agree. They have come to realise that half the battle is having the mental strength and fortitude to resist the cravings and urges to smoke. 

According to John, a Business Owner, and Reuben, a Project Manager, they both smoked heavily for a long period of time, and would each have a pack of cigarettes whenever they worked late into the night.  

“We always had extra packs of cigarettes lying around the house, so shortage was never a problem. It came to the point that our house had this foul bau busuk,” they shared. This, according to the buddies, was what convinced them to quit.  

Let’s look at some of the tactics that worked for John and Rueben. 

Step 1: Have Supportive Quitting’ Buddies You Can Rely On  

According to John, he first attempted to quit smoking by going cold turkey. This, John says, didn’t work too well for him. “It was so tough, my mood was off, and I got so irritably hungry every time,” he explained.  

Rueben saw how John struggled, and as a show of support, decided to join John at quitting. Instead of quitting cold turkey, what worked for the two was gradually reducing their intake with a set deadline in mind. Not only that, they talked to their partners and family about their decision to quit. By publicising it to those closest to them, they showed they were ready to take digs from those ready to rub it in their faces should they fail!  

Doing this and monitoring their day-to-day progress, they were able to motivate each other to quit smoking.  

They were also able to convince other friends to go on this journey with them, with the duo eventually creating a support group where they could discuss ways to avoid getting back into the habit. 

Step 2: Ditch the Cigarette Temptations 


 A man reading his tablet with a pensive thoughtful look while standing in his kitchen preparing a meal from a variety of fresh vegetables on the counter

Time to pick a hobby to keep you busy and cigarette free. 

Another strategy that John and Rueben tried was removing temptations that could lure them back to smoking.  

The first thing that John and Rueben did was to stop buying cigarette packs by the carton. Then, as they gradually lessened their smoking habits, they paced it to a pack a week until they no longer felt the need to buy more. Then, they removed novelty lighters and ashtrays from their living space, making it harder for them to smoke indoors.  

After that, the pair changed their daily routines. For instance, instead of lighting cigarettes while working late nights, they made sure to have a bowl of healthy snacks such as fruits, that they could munch on.  

Whenever he felt the need to hold a cigarette, Rueben opted to keep his hands busy by doing small things like squeezing a stress ball or spinning a pen with his fingers. “Though these acts may sound random, they helped me immensely, especially early on when I was so used to having a cigarette while finishing work at home,” Rueben said. 

Step 3: Kick-Start New Hobbies 

According to John, quitting smoking allowed him to explore new passions and hobbies, such as cooking.  

John notes that his fiancé was studying how to cook at that time and would often do some experimental cooking in their apartment. This led him to discover how good he was at making chicken biryani and ondeh-ondeh. So, instead of lounging around watching TV with a cigarette in hand, he now spends more time in the kitchen helping his fiancé cook. It also turned into an opportunity to get closer to loved ones and spend quality time with them.  

Reuben, on the other hand, took up guitar playing to keep his mind off from cigarettes. 

“Learning how to play the guitar not only helped me become more focused, it also helped keep my hands busy, which helped stave off the temptation to light a stick,” Reuben explained. 

Not only that, John’s newfound love for cooking rekindled other flames. “Saya suka, tunang pun jatuh cinta” he added, laughing. 


A man holding coffee and wearing headphones

Reward yourself – maybe the headphones, maybe the coffee! 

Step 4: Treat Yourself! 

The first time John went off cigarettes for a whole 24 hours, he treated his fiancé to a nice lunch the next day. This inspired both John and Rueben to develop a reward system for their journey.  

According to the duo, they even started rewarding themselves for achieving small milestones such as recruiting another friend into their online support group and surviving late-night hangouts with other smoker friends without lighting a single stick.   

In addition, once John and Rueben saw how much they saved by not buying cigarettes, they decided to use that money to treat their families and the friends who have supported them.   

“Cigarettes cost a lot in the long run, so when I saw how much ringgit I saved by quitting the habit, I decided to buy things like a vintage record player for myself and a pair of new kicks,” Rueben said. Now, he’s enjoying the analog sounds from his vinyl records and stepping out in style with his sneakers. 

Step 5: Ease the Transition with Better Alternatives  

Another tactic that John and Rueben used during their quitting journey was to actively explore other alternatives to smoking, such as e-cigarettes.  

“We tried just about everything on shelf when it came to alternatives but settled for an e-cigarette as that was the one that helped the most,” the pair said. 

According to the pair, e-cigarettes— especially the ones with closed-pod systems—are helpful because they help mimic the actions one would normally do when smoking a cigarette.  

Not only that, e-cigarettes are also affordable, with starter kits retailing for around RM59—which is slightly higher than the cost of a monthly Netflix premium subscription. In addition, the pods are also cost-effective, as they allow users to vape at their own pace without needing to finish or waste an entire stick’s worth of puffs in a single sitting. 

John and Reuben both note that not everyone will have the same experience as them, and that their tips might not be immediately effective for others. Despite that, the pair shared that they did have one trick that really worked for them: keeping a positive outlook. 

“At the end of the day, having a positive mindset is also very important,” John and Rueben said, noting that affirming themselves every time they felt like they failed motivated them to keep going.  

“Adopting a positive outlook makes it easier to keep on going and pushing through the challenges,” the pair said.  

Group of 4 people sitting and laughing together.

Learning how to care for your device is an important first step for newly switched vapers.

It’s a given that numerous vape devices in the market can be purchased for cheap. However, the relatively low retail cost of these devices may come at a heavy long-term price – leakages. In addition, there can be a few other ‘surprising’ reasons as to why a vape device might leak as well. On that account, it’s crucial that those who are looking to switch master how to use a vape the right way.  

Newly switched vapers, on the other hand, are recommended to service and care for their device regularly. In doing so, they’ll be able to prevent device malfunction, and be able to enjoy a Super Smooth vape experience. On the contrary, negligence and excessive use without proper maintenance can potentially damage a vape pod’s build or structure, and cause a leakage.   

Here’s a 5-step process that can help you to prevent leaking and indulge in every pull with the #WorldSuperSmooth vape device.


Woman pulling out a vape device from a black purse.

Ensuring that your device is fully charged is an important first step in preventing a vape juice leak.

Step #1: Ensure That Your Vape Device Stays Fully Charged   

Using your device when it’s short on battery life can cause a potential juice leak from the vape pod. The main reason as to why this occurs is because your device’s battery isn’t powerful enough to condense the vape juice optimally. Consequently, the continuous use of a vape device that has low battery will result in a direct pull of juice through the mouthpiece, and not vapor. The RELX Infinity comes with a Slim Fit Charging Case that provides up to 2 days of battery life if it’s used as suggestedIt’s also fitted with a Dual Charging System that enables wireless or wired charging using a built-in pogo pin or USB-C charging port, respectively.  

Step #2: Keep Your Pulls Slow and Smooth   

Go easy with every pull. Simply put, forcing will only lead to vape juice being sucked into the mouthpiece, irrespective of whether your device is sufficiently charged, or nah. Likewise, it’s also important to note that vape pods are not as powerful as other vape devices like pens and box mods. Thus, it’s advisable for vapers and kabayans who are contemplating a switch to suck the vape pods just enough to get vapor into the mouth.

The RELX Pod Pro comes with a Leak-Resistant Maze, which consists of 11 structural layers that are meticulously contoured together for a longer, more secure vaping experience. This feature of the RELX Pod pro together with its ergonomic shape give you the ultimate Super Smooth vaping experience. Now that’s what you call a win-win situation! 

Step #3: Vape with Discipline      

Vaping regularly without restraint can overload your device and increase the risk of it leaking. Therefore, it’s proposed that the newly switched go easy on the frequency of their pulls and the pressure applied when vaping.  

Each RELX Infinity device is integrated with a Smart Pace Vibration Alert, which enables vapers to keep track of how much they vape by vibrating when they take 15 puffs within 15 minutes. In the same way, the device will also vibrate when you charge it.  


A couple holding RELX vape devices in their hands as they look at a book.

Moderating the frequency of your vaping is important for preventing leakages.

Step #4: Switch Out Your Vape Pods Consistently    

The number of pulls you take must be consistent with the number of times you change vape pods. In doing so, you’ll prevent your vape device’s coil from wearing out, and the wick’s fibers from fraying. This is because a frayed wick can reduce its ability to withhold vape juice. 

Step #5: Choosing the Right Vape Device   

Most importantly, it’s worth considering a vape brand that is affordable, yet respected and well-known globally for its superior reliability. An example of this is RELX products that are accredited with the Good Manufacturing Practice certification. This ensures that every product under the RELX Brand – Infinity and Essential vape devices, and Pod Pro vape pods – is manufactured responsibly. Separately, RELX products typically goes through a rigorous 18-step process to ensure the highest quality. Ultimately, it can be said that great value is getting reliable quality for the money you pay.  

In addition, RELX also features different flavors that can help to make a switch to vaping easier. These include popular choices like RELX Dark Sparkle, Fresh Red, Garden’s Heart, Menthol Xtra, Rich Tobacco, Sunny Sparkle and Tangy Purple that are a hit with existing Filipino vapers. Ultimately, learning how to use a vape device responsibly is as important as choosing one that’s cost-saving and reliable. For more information on RELX products, you can opt to check out the RELX website today.

Man breathing fresh air in a forest with green trees in the background.

Ready to quit smoking? You’ll want to read four real-life, relatable reasons to finally get you breathing fresh air.  

Each person has their own reasons as to why they’re looking to quit smoking. For instance, some people may choose to give up the habit for hygiene purposes, while others may cite cost as their reason. However, kicking the habit is not as easy as people may think. Luckily, several ex-smokers can empathise with your plight and are willing to give you some tips. We spoke to former smokers Dominic Png, Victor Chan, Jason Lim and Sushil Nayer about their reasons for saying selamat tinggal to the smoke life, and why they decided to make a switch to vape. 

If you’re looking to quit smoking but need the extra motivation to get started, here are four reasons to do so by people who’ve made the switch.

1. Smoke Smell is So Yesterday  

One major complaint about smoking is the smell that sticks to your clothes. The distinctive bau rokok has always been a tell-tale sign of a smoker to everyone around them. Enter a taxi, and you might experience the long-term exposure of upholstery to that smell first-hand–it’s really unpleasant.   

“One of the main reasons that really convinced me to switch was the smell!” Dominic Png, a copywriter, said. He spoke about the distinct smell everyone associated with him, even joking that “ashtray” was his eau de toilette. He claimed that by switching to vaping, he felt good about socialising with his peers without worrying about any unpleasant smells.  

"When I switched, I was finally able to hang out with my friends without stressing about how I smelled,” Dominic revealed. 

2. Quit Smoking Before You Leave a Hole in Your Wallet 


A man’s hands holding wallet with credit cards and stack of money

Smoking is an expensive habit – save up to buy the things you really love.  

Buying a pack of cigarettes daily could cost you as much as around RM510 per month, or a hefty RM6120 annually.  

That amount of money could have been used to buy a gaming laptop, premium tablet or even the much raved-about PS5, both of which have a far more enjoyable and functional purpose compared to cigarettes.  

This was the choice Victor Chan, a graphic artist in Kuala Lumpur, made. 

“I was spending way too much on cigarettes. I was actually shocked when I computed how much money I was losing because of the habit!” Victor shared. 

According to Victor, that realisation made him think of switching immediately. 

Now, Victor spends his weekends streaming his video game sessions on Twitch—and he’s quickly building up a following on the platform. 

“Not only was the PS5 a far more cost-effective purchase compared to cigarettes, but streaming games actually helped take off some of the stress I’ve been feeling because of the pandemic,” Victor added. 

3. HabukBegone! 


Clean empty round glass ashtray on an old wooden table

Imagine ash falling off the table — what a mess!  

Apart from the smell and cost, one other issue that drives people away from smoking is the ash and trash that result from the habit.  

“It’s bad enough that smoking leaves a smell, but the stains and burns from ash on clothes and your surroundings give the impression that you’re tidak kemas, or worse, pengotor!” said Jason Lim, a writer from Ipoh. 

According to Jason, he got fed up with the all the mess caused by cigarettes. 

“One time, I was vacuuming some ash in the middle of the night, and it got me into trouble with my neighbours!” Jason laughed. 

Not only that, but cigarette ash can go everywhere — even in places where you wouldn’t expect them to be. 

“I once used up an entire roll of lint removing tape because there was a lot of ash on my clothes” Jason stated. 

Switching to vape, he said, doesn’t pose these problems. “Once you’ve used up the pod, that’s it. No smoke, no ash!” Jason added.  

4. Smoking Wastes So Much  

Smoking is one of the least convenient habits once can have.  

Let’s face it, how many times have you forced yourself to finish smoking an entire stick, just because you have to attend a meeting?  

“This is where switching to vape comes in,” Sushil Nayer, a musician, said. 

“I was just smoking during my break but I had to force myself to finish an entire stick at twice my usual pace because of a sudden meeting!” 

According to Sushil, vaping presents no such problems: “Just take the puffs you need, turn the device off to attend to your tasks, and then turn it back on once you’re done. Easy!” 

Not only are vapes very accessible, Sushil says, they also don’t cause any of the problems associated with cigarettes, such as funky smells and messy ash, making them convenient for the everyday user. 


There are various reasons as to why people decide to kick the habit or find different alternatives. Vaping is a good choice for those who are looking to have a no ash, no smoke journey. And after speaking to our 4 friends who have made the switch — Dominic, Victor, Jason and Sushil — people will now have more reasons to quit smoking.

Please clean the device carefully with a cotton swab and try another pod. In daily use, please pay attention to clean the device, keep the inside of the device dry.


Remaining Power

LED Notification

Charging Case - Input

0 - 99%

Charging Case’s white LED flashes slowly


Charging Case’s white LED turns on

Charging Case - Output

25% - 100%

Charging Case’s white LED turns on

0 - 25%

Charging Case’s white LED flashes slowly

Device - Input

0 - 99%

Device’s white LED flashes slowly


Device’s white LED turns on before flashing 3 times and fading out

The Charging Case Mini (1000 ma) will be recharged in 60 - 90 minutes.

The Charging Case Max (1500 ma) will be recharged in 90 -120 minutes.

RELX Classic device is made of aluminum alloy with high strength and endurance. The shell material of cartridge is PCTG produced by Eastman in the US, which is mostly used to make aviation cups, milk bottles, etc. It is resistant to high temperature and will not release harmful substances, thus you can use it without any worries."

RELX adopts a soft lithium battery with a capacity of 350mA and a charging time of about 1h. For a person who smokes one pack of cigarettes a day, it can last for a whole day, 250-300 puffs approximately.

Kind Reminder: In order to protect your own safety and the device quality, please do not use it while charging.

During Standing: when the device device is not used, the indicator will be off;

Low Battery: when the power is less than 10%, the indicator will flash 10 times;

During Charging: The indicator will stay on, and after being fully charged, it will be off;

The indicating light flashes 3 times:

  1. Inhale protection: This protection mechanism is to protect the user from irritation caused by heavy inhale, the mod will initiate the protection mechanism.
  2. Overcharged protection: This protection mechanism is to protect itself when the charging cable is unplugged with too much strength after it is fully charged or unplugged frequently, and the indicator will flash 3 times.

The kit for beginners includes Classic device with color optional, a USB charging cable and a booklet.

Our pods do not contain nicotine.

RELX Alpha and Classic have their own advantages. Because the design concept and structure of the two products are different, Alphapods and REXLPods cannot be shared.

The shelf life of the pod is 1 year only when it is stored correctly and unopened. We recommend to finish the product 15 days after opening. 
For RELX Pod Pro for Infinity/Essential, the shelf life is up to 18 months when stored unopened in a cool and dry place.

Shipping & Receiving

Your products will be shipped from the RELX MY domestic warehouse located in Klang.

For west regions: you will receive your order within 3 - 5 working days(national holidays excluded).

For east regions: you will receive your order around 10 working days(national holidays excluded).

In addition, we have provided a compensation policy for shipping delay. For details, please refer to the page: https://relxnow.my/pages/warranty.

Currently we ship all packages through J&T. If any requirement, please contact our customer service.

Sorry, the shipping address can't be changed once the order is shipped. Before the order is shipped, you can contact our official customer service by sending an email to [email protected] to change your address.

For specific logistics status, please enter the logistics order number you received at https://relxnow.my/pages/track-order for the query.

For the specific logistics status, please enter the logistics order number you received at https://relxnow.my/pages/track-order for the query. If the logistics status is not updated for more than 7 working days, please contact our customer service by sending an email to [email protected] to help you deal with it. Our customer service will reply to your email within 24hrs.

In a situation where you have not received your order within 25 days of purchase, please contact us (via IM at relxnow.my, or write to [email protected]) and send us your order number along with your concerns.

In addition to the outer packaging, our products are additionally equipped with an internal protective film. If the package is damaged, open it to see if the product is damaged. If it is not damaged, you can still use it. If the product is damaged, please contact our customer service by sending an email to [email protected] within 48 hours after receiving the product, and our customer service will reply to your email within 24hrs.

Before the package is shipped, you can contact customer service to help you arrange the cancellation of the order. Once the package is shipped, the order can't be canceled.
Generally, the tariffs need to be borne by the buyer upon clearance before entering a Malaysia warehouse. You don’t have to pay for tariffs.

Payment & Safety

We support payment via debit card: American Express, Visa, Maestro, Mastercard. If you encounter any problem during the payment process, please feel free to contact our customer service by sending an email to [email protected], we will reply to your email within 24hrs.

This situation is very rare, you can refresh the page and try to pay again. In any case, if your account is abnormally debited repeatedly, you can contact our customer service, we will verify the situation. The extra money paid will be returned to your original payment account.

We reserve the right to cancel your order and refund the original account if we detect one of the following vialations before the goods are shipped out or signed for:

  1. Ordered products exceed the purchase limit with the same account.
  2. A single account does not violate the purchase restriction, but an individual is determined (through payment account, delivery address, IP address, contact number, or other methods) to be linked to numerous accounts which cumulatively violate the purchase restriction.
  3. RELX determines that the purchase was made through improper means or finds evidence that order was not made legally.  

Please be assured that we will not collect or store any of your payment information. 

Warranty & Maintenance

RELX devices and RELX pods come with a One (1) year or Eighteen(18) months limited warranty¹ from the date of manufacture or purchase² from https://www.relxnow.my/ or from Authorized RELX Stores. A replacement device or pod will assume the remainder of the warranty period of the original device or pod.

One (1) year limited warranty¹: RELX Classic device and pods, RELX Alpha device and pods, RELX nano, RELX i device and pods, RELX nano 2, RELX Infinity & Essential Device, Infinity Charging Case.

Eighteen(18) months limited warranty¹: RELX Pod Pro.

The date of manufacture²: RELX Classic pod, RELX Alpha pod, RELX nano, RELX i pod, RELX nano2, RELX Infinity pod and RELX Essential pod.

The date of purchase²: RELX Classic device, RELX Alpha device, RELX i device, RELX Infinity device and RELX Essential device. This does not affect your statutory rights.

All refunds will be returned to your original payment account within 15-30 working days. The specific time will vary depending on the payment method.

The damage caused by quality problems can be refunded without obligation within 60 days from the date of order. If it is within 1 year, then it can be replaced without return.

Please contact us through our customer service by sending an email to [email protected], and provide fault pictures/videos to explain specific problems, so that customer service can better understand and judge the problem, then they will provide you with a solution within 24hrs.

 First of all, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and trouble brought to you.

If you want to replace the product, we recommend that you:

  1. Prepare clear pictures or videos which can fully prove the damage of the product.
  2. Send your specific problems, pictures or videos along with your order number to [email protected]
  3. After being received by our customer service, we will solve your problem as soon as possible

Thank you very much for your support of RELX. Only products purchased from our official website can enjoy the relevant after-sales services. The products purchased from other channels do not enjoy the same after-sale mechanism as that of the official website, for details, please refer to https://relxnow.my/pages/warranty.