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Choosing The Best Pod Vape System vs Vape Mod Before You Switch

July 27, 2021

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The best vape mod for you is the one that suits your lifestyle and your budget  

The current global vape scene gives us the tools and technology to make vaping more efficient, enjoyable and hassle-free for everyone. Vape models are constantly evolving, with more advanced features and optimised designs for the best vaping experience. It’s important to check out the best vape mod for you, having decided to switch to e-cigarettes. 

We are all individuals, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. In light of this, there are two main factors to consider. Firstly, what are some of the integral features in a vape mod today? For example, it could be popular tech found in many reputable brands, giving a significantly improved vaping experience. In other words, you need to get to know the must-haves in vape devices today. 

But perhaps the most crucial factor is understanding how you will adapt to vaping. For example, how do you imagine yourself vaping daily? Where and when will you use it? What are you trying to achieve by switching?  

Finding the answers to these questions will help you decide on the vape device that suits you best, making your transition a lot smoother. So, let’s be prepared for the journey ahead. 

Help! What’s the Difference Between Open and Closed Vape Systems? 

The critical difference between the two central vape systems is the ability to refill e-liquid or not. Open-refillable systems allow you to refill different e-liquids of choice into a pod. Closed-pod systems operate with a pre-filled pod.  

Although open systems are more flexible, with changeable e-liquids and even atomizers, they do require more maintenance. 

For this reason, most people opt for closed-pod systems that provide hassle-free, straightforward use. For instance, you could constantly be out and about, or just home-based, as this closed-pod system fits perfectly into any vaper lifestyle. Generally, they are also more compact in design which makes them very portable and discreet. 

You should think about how vaping will become part of your daily life and consider your commitment, time and spend. If you are keen to put aside some time to educate yourself on device care and eventually setting up a kit or station to maintain your device, then perhaps have a go with open systems.  

But if it’s impossible to imagine that luxury of time and you want something uncomplicated, closed-pod systems are preferable. Besides, today’s closed-pod system brands offer an array of pre-filled pod flavours, so you needn’t worry about flavour varieties. 

Wow! This is Super Smooth, but How Do I Judge Puff Quality? 

As you’re about to make the switch, a smooth vaping experience makes all the difference. Puff smoothness is achieved by the combination of advanced technology, design, and product engineering.  

This combination is backed up by research, testing and continuous optimisation, paving the way for reliable products in the market. But how will you know how to judge and what to look for when choosing your mod? 

The best vape mod for you should be one that delivers good puff quality from inhale to exhale. Numerous factors influence the quality of puffs, such as e-liquid ratios, device technology and mod design.  

For newly switched vapers, e-liquid ingredients and flavourings that are well-balanced provide rich and full vapour, with device innovations helping to smoothly deliver these vapours.  

All of these resolve common vaping pain points such as harsh hits at the back of the throat and back spits of e-liquid when vaping. 

Another thing is to look at a pod’s puff output. How many puffs per pod? Usually, brands provide about 300 – 500 puffs per pod capacity of 1.5-2ml. The bigger the capacity, the greater the number of puffs. However, puffs are also dependent on how frequently the vaper vapes and how well pods are maintained.  

In essence, these factors ensure we can get the best quality puffs out of our mods, contributing to an excellent vaping experience that provides a smooth transition to vaping.  

Oops! I Have Butter Fingers. What If I Drop My Mod? 

As a newly switched vaper, you’ll need time to adjust to having your device around you all the time, so do bear in mind that accidents can happen.  

Aside from typical wear and tear, even the simplest movement can accidentally send your device flying. So, what happens if you drop your mod? 

Let’s talk about device durability. The best mod for you should be built with sturdy materials, which are long-lasting against daily wear and tear and do not easily break or rupture.  

When out and about, sharp objects like keys, cards and coins can also cause damage. While choosing your mod, find out a little bit more about the material and build. Today, aluminium alloy materials are commonly preferred for their lightweight design and hardy durability. Other than that, some brands also add layers to the device to make it even more shockproof or dustproof. 

Going further in-depth, let’s look inside the pod and understand atomizer materials. Look for one that has reasonable temperature control and does not quickly burn pod flavours. Ceramic or ceramic-cotton atomizers are ideal for stable heat conduction. Durability and a good build inside and out ensure a worry-free experience with your device and contribute to its longevity, making it a worthwhile investment. 

Oh, No! My Battery is Low Again. Where Do I Charge?  

Another thing to consider when choosing the best vape mod out there is the device’s power. Specifically, look at the built-in battery capacity provided. Battery capacity affects how efficiently your vape operates and, unfortunately, insufficient power may interfere with how some vape parts function.  

Generally, the higher the mAh, the longer a device can run. The higher you go, the longer your device will be up and running, with strong battery life. This is especially important when you’re out and about with nowhere to plug in and charge. Besides that, good battery capacity will help produce steadier heat and vapour delivery. This will ensure vapers can obtain a consistently smooth vaping experience. 

Brands today also provide excellent charging accessories such as easy-to-carry power supply options. A popular one is the wireless charging case, which offers longer battery life and eliminates the hassle of tangled wires and finding power outlets to charge.  

An example is the RELX Infinity device and its Infinity Wireless Charging Case, which uses a pogo pin and dual charging mechanism. It is as simple as sliding the device into the case and the magnets click to charge it. The slim and sleek design is also a bonus, aside from fitting seamlessly into any pocket or bag. 

Ooh-La-La! There’s So Much Vape Tech, but Which Features are Important? 

It is remarkable to see how much the industry has grown and the new technology that has now become the norm.  

In a few short years we have witnessed breakthroughs in battery life, atomizers and systems as well as optimised designs, additional functions and user-friendly features. 

RELX technology includes the in-house Super SmoothTM Performance that equips devices with smooth vape delivery on top of designing their products with vapers in mind.  

Additionally, all RELX Pod mouthpieces are shaped to fit lips comfortably and built with a Leak-Resistant Maze that comprises 11 layers of a complex structural maze, ensuring secure vaping. 

Their Red Dot award-winning device, the RELX Infinity, is even made with a Dual Charging System and the SmartPace Vibration Alert, an intuitive feature to inform the vaper of their vaping pace. 

Top view of silver and black RELX Infinity with black and white background

Compact, durable and advanced - RELX devices might just be the best vape mod for you. 

Every pod system is unique to every vaper. We’ve covered some of the key features and functions that make up the best vape mods in the market, but, at the end of the day, it will also depend on your budget and whether what is offered meets your own needs and expectations.  

Indeed, devices with many top-notch functions and tech features will cost you more, but most devices today are still reasonably priced. 

The RELX Infinity and RELX Essential, for instance, are both closed-pod systems that offer value for money, and come packed with hi-tech features. More stuff for your puff! 

Infinity starts at RM85 and includes smoothness in puffs, durable material, long-lasting battery, and state-of-the-art technology. On the other hand, Essential starts at RM50 and comes with the same smoothness in puffs but with a slight difference in battery capacity, materials, and features. This device is highly recommended for newly-switched vapers because it provides the best value for them.

If you have more questions regarding RELX products, click here for the live chat.

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