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Treat Your Vape Battery Right! 5 Tips to Make it Last Longer

September 23, 2021

How many of you have experienced this? You’re having a good day and everything is working in your favour, until you take out your device for a puff, only to be painfully reminded by that blinking red light that you forgot to charge your vape battery last night.  

Now, there’s nowhere to plug in for a charge and no time do it. Such frustration! If you’ve recently made the switch to e-cigarettes,  that low battery can also be a real nuisance when you’re transitioning. 

Battery issues are nothing new and most of our personal devices, like  laptops, smartphones, cameras, and earbuds, require regular charging. The same rule applies to your vape. 

Do you also find that, over time, you need to charge your devices more often? This is because batteries typically have limited lifespans and a defined lifecycle. Integrated batteries such as lithium-ions found in closed-pod systems have as little as 300 – 600 charging cycles or less, if not cared for properly. A battery that’s well looked after should be charging at double that rate. 

But don’t worry, vapers! We’ve gathered some tips and tricks recommended by experts on how to take care of your vape battery and optimise usage. If you treat them right from the outset, you might even be able to increase your vape battery’s lifespan. 

Let’s get into it!

1. Don’t Hurt The Battery by Draining to Empty

Contrary to popular belief, completely draining your device’s battery is not a good habit. Your vape battery will need to work double-time to recharge when it’s drained down to zero. In addition, any action that stresses out the battery will cause it to degrade faster. Charge your device before the battery is fully depleted. Typically, vape devices will alert you when the battery is low, through an indicator light on the vaporiser. You will also feel some power loss while vaping if the battery is low. 

Pro-tips:  Always take note of your low battery indicator and your daily vape consumption. Different devices, even with similar power capacity, vary on how long they last after a charge. Leading vape brands with reputable tech and design ensure that the devices will last longer. Also, their light indicators are programmed to give staged notifications. For example, it will flash once in red when the battery is low and flashes repeatedly when there is no power at all. It can also show a distinct colour when charging and when the battery is fully charged. By taking note of the indicators and how often you vape, you can anticipate when your device is low on power and when to charge it before it’s drained.

2. Don’t Stress The Battery by Overcharging Repeatedly

Silver RELX Infinity clutched in hand with watch and gadget in background

Keep your vape batteries charged and ready for the new day. 

Nobody likes to be overcharged! It’s the same for your battery. Similar to completely draining your vape battery, overcharging it can also stress it out. Fear not. Advanced vape devices today often come with charging cut-offs, meaning they will stop charging when full. However, overcharging or leaving it to charge overnight will still generate heat from the electric supply. Heat is bad for vape batteries as it will affect the chemicals inside and cause them to degrade faster, decreasing the lifespan of your vape battery. 

Another good reminder here is to read your device manual and note how long it takes to charge your vape battery. Different devices have different charging times, depending on battery, technology and design. It usually takes around 45 to 90 minutes for a full charge. Also, LED indicators usually alert or change colour once your battery is fully charged. For example, it could be red while charging and turn to green when full.

3. Don’t Leave Your Device Alone – Use it or Lose it!

Like your phone or car battery, your vape battery loses functionality when not used over a long period. This is known as self-discharge. It usually happens when there is little to no reaction occurring between the chemicals in the batteries, so the battery discharges faster by itself. Vape batteries are made for daily and consistent use and, by doing so, you optimise your device’s power. So, remember to use your device and ensure that it is not left idle for too long. 

If you know that you will not be using it for some time, a valuable tip is to ensure that it is stored fully charged. Then, hopefully, the next time you use it, it will not start up from a drained battery but with only a slight depletion of power. Other reminders are to ensure your device is turned off (if it uses an on/off button) and to keep the pods separate in case of any accidental power activation.

4. Don’t Forget To Keep Parts Working with a Little Bit of Cleaning

Whether you’re using opened or closed systems, refillable e-liquids or pre-filled pods, leakages, spills, and gunk are sometimes experienced by vapers who don’t clean their machines. If not regularly cleaned, your device can become sticky and it may also affect the functionality of many vape parts, such as the atomiser and its heating connection beneath the pod.  

This puts a strain on your vape device as it tries to deliver the same amount of vapour needed, and that will in turn stress out your vape battery and shorten its life. In closed-pod systems, built-in batteries are sealed in the body, so any liquid or moisture that penetrates may also damage the battery and the chemicals within. 

An important lesson here is to always maintain good vaping hygiene. For the vape body use a microfibre cloth to clean any dust or particles. You may also use a slightly damp cloth for leaks but ensure that you wipe it again with a dry cloth or air it out near a fan. For the internal connectors, use cotton buds to clear dust or gunk that might have gotten stuck along the way.

5. Keep it Away from Extreme Temperatures

Hot and cold temperatures can affect a battery’s lifespan. In cold temperatures, vapes must provide more power to heat the e-liquid. On the other hand, in hot temperatures, the chemicals in vape batteries can degrade rapidly and could shorten the battery lifespan. So, proper storage conditions will help optimise your device power. 

A vital tip on storing vape devices is to keep them in dry and safe conditions, like pouches, drawers, away from clumsy hands and far from the edges of shelves and tables. It’s also worth considering a proper vape bag or pouch with designated slots for your devices and other accessories or tools you might like to keep handy.

RELX Infinity device and Infinity Charging Cases standing on steps.

Extend your vape battery life with wireless charging cases to complement your vape on the go!

It’s good to know that with RELX devices, you can worry less about treating your vape batteries right. The tech inside RELX devices ensures good power supply to devices. On their mission to provide vapers with the smoothest vaping experience, RELX is constantly innovating in this field, giving their customers peace of mind every day, whether or not your device is fully charged. RELX users can complete their kits with the RELX Infinity Wireless Charging Case. You get to enjoy up to three days of power and keep your devices clean and protected. What a double win! 

On top of that, the RELX Infinity device and the RELX Pod Pro have also been designed to be leak-resistant, with electronics and battery inside a secured and sturdy case. The device itself boasts a 380mAh battery, giving a vaper, on average, almost two days of power before a recharge. Both newly switched and experienced vapers are already enjoying all the benefits of these powerful and award-winning Infinity devices.

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