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Your Vape Battery and Its Contribution to More Flavourful Pulls

April 18, 2022

Despite what you think, your vape battery is more than just what powers your device for puffs. It’s an undervalued component rather than a cog in a machine and has much to offer when treated with care. Not doing so can lead to unpleasant encounters, from your vape juice tasting off to full-on malfunctioning. And once you’re experiencing the latter, you’re in the unfortunate position where it’s time for a replacement.  

Of course, no vaper wants this and can easily be avoided as long as you know how to take care of your vape battery before it starts to deteriorate. Using the checklist below, you can be sure that your vape battery will last for a long time with zero issues and a full, super smooth experience.

Don’t overcharge your vape battery

Hand holding electric plug before plugging into multiple socket outlet.

Leaving your vape battery charging unattended can be dangerous. 

It’s a real fear to step out for the day without charging your vape. You could also be that person who sometimes accidentally forgets to unplug it before sleeping or leaving the house for a quick minute.  

Try to avoid this from happening as overcharging causes serious damage to your vape battery. It starts from having a shorter lifespan to your vape battery heating up excessively as you continue to overcharge it again and again. This can be dangerous as it could potentially lead to a battery explosion. 

To be safe, it’s best to unplug your vape battery once you are aware that it’s fully charged.

Avoid fully draining your vape battery before charging

Almost all vape batteries today are of the lithium ion type. It’s the same kind of battery used in your phone, tablet, and laptop. Just like these products, your vape will take more effort and longer to charge when fully drained, instead of having to charge a partially drained device.  

When lithium-ion battery types drain fully before charging, the performance alters. Due to this, charging your vape battery while it still has power is the way to go. It will allow your battery to last longer and give you more enjoyable vaping experiences.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Man holding vape and vape batteries in a plastic container.

Properly storing your vape batteries in the right temperature will make their lifespan longer. 

Storing your vape battery well is key. 

Similarly to how your vape battery heats up as it’s charging, the same can happen when you leave your vape battery unattended in hot places such as the glove compartment of your car or in direct sunlight. This kind of heat will affect your vape batteries and cause them to age faster.  

Vape batteries don’t fare well in cold temperatures either, as they damage the battery capacity. Taking note of this, your vape battery is not like photography film. Don’t stick them in the fridge or freezer, but rather, keep your batteries in a cool place.

Charge your vape battery before storing

If you aren’t planning to use your vape battery for a few weeks to months, make sure to charge it before storing it away. Removable batteries like an 18650 or 21700 should be charged to 40% so you can come back and grab it in good condition. 

While it sits in storage, the battery will slowly drain and could possibly be out the next time you use it. However, if charged before storing, the battery should work properly after charging, once again, prior to being used.  

The last thing you want is to store your vape battery without it being charged and coming back to a charged, yet overworked battery with a shortened lifespan. 

However, keep in mind that with these tips, there may still be a point where you will have to replace your vape battery. This is merely a way to extend its lifespan to maintain full and flavourful puffs.  

And if you’d like your vaping experience to be less demanding, choosing a quality vape like those from the RELX Infinity and Essential lines will help. With its innovative technology, RELX creates vapes of good battery power and top of the line performance in an array of colours with additional options like a wireless charging case. While carrying and charging on the move, you’ll be able to have a super smooth experience wherever you go.  

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