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Vape Advantage: Why More People Switch to Vape

February 02, 2021

The rise of vaping technology goes as far back as to more than a decade ago with the introduction of the first generation of vaping devices. If you are an avid vaper, throughout the past decade you would surely have owned one of those chunky mods with the capacity to fit in more than 3 batteries, equipped with large tanks, a box of OCCs and some small, bottled e-juice to rotate with from time to time. Bonus points if you even got rare e-juices that were not sold in your local market. 

Today, vaping technology has evolved, especially in the last 5 years with the industry constantly coming up with next gen solutions to fit the many vapers’ lifestyles, to provide answers to the many pain points surrounding the vaping experience itself. Many vape brands have even gone above and beyond to produce vape devices that are technologically advanced, powerfully functional and some even are engineered with precision for a smooth and rich vaping experienceLet’s take a look at what vaping offers today! 

Vaping Is Designed for Comfort

Before acknowledging the breakthroughs of vaping devices today, we must first recognise some of the most common issues vapers have experienced when vaping. These are your more-than-you-can-take throat hits, the back spits of e-liquid, and the uncomfortable shape and design of tips. Although at the height of vaping back then, these were considered as norms, today, vape brands have sought to address these issues 

Today, we can vape without harsh hits or back spits that attacked our throat and oral comfort once upon a time. Commonly in close-pod systems, heating and delivery of vapour produced is now very consistent and travels smoothly as it is inhaled. There are also no longer accidental burns on the tongue since the mouthpiece or tips are ergonomically designed.

Vaping Does not Leave Unpleasant Odours

A man with blue shirt enjoys the smell of cleanliness from a white towel

Vaping does not smell bad; in fact, it smells better!

Vaping emits vapour by heating, not burning. It does not generate smoke. Thanks to the very small list of ingredients involved in making vape liquids, it does not leave unpleasant odours.

In this humid tropical weather, odours are even more prominent, especially when the weather decides to alternate between raining cats and dogs and scorching hot throughout the day. Back then, e-liquids were not as refined as today and especially if you’re vaping something that tastes sweet, it would most likely leave a lingering sticky and gunky smell. This is especially prominent, like mentioned under humid weather and in enclosed areas. Although the smell is not entirely unpleasant, it is still something vape liquids in this era has much improved on. Vaping today produce close to no odours. In fact, if it does, you’ll probably be thinking of a fruit or a dessert aroma just wavering by, but it no longer sticks on to your clothes or the area you are vaping in.

Quality Vaping Burns no Holes in Your Pocket


One of the best parts about vaping today is that it is inexpensive. When you weigh the amount of functions, technological advancements, safety measures, pod and battery capacities or design convenience you get over how much it cost to start, vaping can be considered very reasonably priced. Let’s have some fun with the calculator and look at how much vapers spent back then compared to today. A closed-pod system will be used as a current comparison in this case. 

Let’s do the math. A mod, a tank, batteries, (RM400) and annual supplies of part for your tank (RM360) and e-juice (RM2880) altogether can cost you up to RM3640.  

While a device today costs about RM60 to start. Add to that two or three pods at RM17 each week, by the end of the year, total expenditure for vaping only reaches up to approximately RM2500 - or about 31% more affordable by our calculations with RM1140 cheaper. That is equivalent to 10 years of more than a value pack for Astro TV Subscription sorted! Imagine that.

Convenient Vaping with no Hassle 


A man holds a vape charger in his hand
Enjoy convenience at your fingertips, charge your devices on-the-go.

We all remember our bygone vaping days, carrying a vape pouch for all our extra batteries, tools, juices, and accessories. Of course, there were times we could just head to the vape shop nearby and get our tanks serviced there, but we not only need to be equipped with the tools but the knowledge to work our vaping devices. Remember that?

Today’s vaping removes all that hassle, as more designs are becoming pocket-sized and come as rechargeable devices. Simply connect to the recommended cable or plug points for a few minutes and you’re good to go for the rest of the day. Vaping devices have also gotten more advanced with fast charging and made to fit charging docks for the vaper’s added convenience. There are also charging cases like the RELX Infinity Wireless Charging Case that gives you up to 3 days of power which also serves as a hygienic storing of your device, so you can say goodbye to tangling wires and lugging on power banks when you’re out or travelling. Pretty convenient, huh? 

Vaping is Technologically Advanced 


Modern vaping devices are constantly improving and provide vapers with functions that may tailor to their lifestyle. Long-lasting battery capacity and leak-resistant pods are just to name a few advances we have for vaping today. Devices are also increasingly designed to give a more compact and sleek appeal for the vaper’s convenience. A lot of vape devices are also built with LED lights and vibration alerts. Whether you’re someone looking to customise your device with different LED light colours from time to time or you’re one looking for an intelligent function such as RELX Infinity’s Smartpace Vibration Alert to help keep track of usage, the possibilities are endless, and we can expect even more developments in the future.  

Who knows one-day voice commands and more customizable features will be a norm in vaping devices? As the industry is rapidly growing, so are the bold ideas, research and developments surrounding vape. Providing vapers with the most efficient and sophisticated vaping solutions through time. 




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