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Why are Vape Pens Sought After? Listen to What These Four Newly-Switched Vapers Have to Say

March 18, 2022

Kicking old habits isn't easy, especially the ones you’ve kept for many years. Most of the time, giving up and giving in occurs and you’re back to square one. This is the case, to a large extent, for many smokers. After countless tries of going cold turkey, slapping nicotine patches on the arm, and constantly chewing nicotine gum, the habit stays and you’re left with feelings of despair. We know the feeling–it’s easier said than done. However, with the growing vape industry, more smokers are switching out cigarettes for vape pens, giving them a higher success rate for quitting.  

You may not know the difference until you try it yourself, but it’s worth listening to these vapers to see the many positive outcomes that have followed since they started their #NoSmoke journey.

man holding RELX vape device

Switching to vape pens have been successful for many smokers who want to quit cigarettes.

Hafiz Mohamed

“I used to smoke a pack a day. I knew it was one of my flaws but after smoking for many years, it was hard to quit, even with family members trying to persuade me and the looks I’d get from lighting up in public spaces. Since e-cigarettes became accessible, I made the decision to purchase and attempt to stop my habit. I’m sure I’ve tried it all–drip, disposables, tanks, cartridges and mods. I now use a vape pen and have not touched a cigarette since. No cravings or setbacks have happened so far and it’s been a while. I genuinely believe this has helped improve the quality of life for me and I have no regrets making the switch.”

Rahim Ahmad

“I smoked cigarettes for more than fifteen years–starting in university and continued until vape pens were created. I had smoking-induced asthma and honestly hated the phlegmy coughs, frequent headaches, and chest pain, but carried on with the habit until I decided to quit for good. Before e-cigarettes, I tried giving up smoking but never successfully went through with it. Being around friends who had the same habit as me made it even harder, but at a certain point, I was desperate enough to give e-cigarettes a try. I started vaping for a few months and felt better about myself. I am proud to say I am tobacco free and it’s never too late to quit.”

Siti Zain

I didn’t smoke for very long, but once I started, it became a habit of mine. It’s sad to say now but I enjoyed it. And even though it was uncommon among women to smoke, it got to the point where I couldn’t stop. As I continued, the amount of cigarettes I smoked multiplied and it showed in my finances too. I decided to try vaping when a friend recommended it to me and I found that having a vape pen helped me save the money I would have spent on packs of cigarettes. After quitting for a couple of months, I once had a drag of a cigarette out of curiosity and realised this was no longer for me. With the time I spent vaping and the flavours available, the cigarette ended up leaving an unpleasant taste in my mouth. I haven’t tried one since then and I’m happy I chose to make this change.”

Afsah Hassan

“I always considered myself an active person even though I had bad habits. I was a smoker for ten years and dealt with the consequences instead of trying to properly quit. I depended on cigarettes as a way to de-stress and suffered every time I would wake up and go for a run or weight-train. I decided enough was enough when the new year came. What started as a new years resolution stuck with me once I bought my vape pen. The absence of tobacco in my system has helped me become more energetic and I am more active as ever. I feel lighter and the need for smoking cigarettes is gone. Since vaping, I’ve also been working on reducing my nicotine levels with the goal of eventually being vape free. I know it’s a long journey but it’s definitely worth it.”  

After trying many ways of quitting, these vapers all agree that vape pens are the best way to stop smoking. From resolving cigarette pain points and saying goodbye to unpleasant odours to encouraging better habits, vape pens are the preferred choice and seeing its popularity, maybe it could be the alternative for you too. 

Begin your #NoSmoke journey with our RELX Infinity or RELX Essential lines today! 

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