A gold RELX e-cig lies on black sand.

Why Are Small E-Cigs So Popular?

April 18, 2022

As vapes get better and better each year, more and more people around the world are making the switch from cigarettes to e-cigs. 

Millennials in particular are choosing to ditch their cigarettes for a no-smoke journey for many reasons, including their well-being, pressure from loved ones, the desire to improve their finances, and just wanting to stop smelling like an ashtray 24/7. 

With the radical evolution of vape technology over the past few years, vapers (both first-timers and those with some experience) are increasingly going for the smaller, compact and just more shiok e-cigs. Why are these devices so popular now? 

There are quite a few good reasons for this preference. If you’d like to know more before you make the switch from cigarettes or even a more standard vape mod, keep reading.

Small e-cigs in different colors lie on a blue background.

Small e-cigs are easy to use, even for people who have just switched to vape. 

Simple use without the hassle

Open pod system devices are the go-to for vapers who value highly the option to customise. That’s because you’ll be able to buy different components to add to or replace the ones already on your device. 

However, these modifications can make using your unit a little more complex, and those little tweaks can even change the way your vape performs altogether.  Good understanding of your device will help but if it’s starting to feel like a chore, just know that there are alternatives which are more convenient.  

Small e-cigs like the RELX Infinity and Essential lines are simple, straightforward, and designed to be very user-friendly, even for vape newbies. Regular charging and an occasional pod change are all that they need in terms of maintenance. No need for the potential mess and hassle of e-juice refills, leaving your fingers and surface gunk-free. 

Another plus with the RELX products is a leak-resistant maze, avoiding the chance of spillage in your pocket or bag that you’ll face when you rock an open pod system.

A green RELX e-cig has its lights activated.

When it comes to cost-effectivity, small e-cigs cant be beaten.


Both open and closed pod systems give you quite the bang for your buck in comparison to cigarettes, especially if you’re a heavy smoker. After establishing a little self-control, the switch should leave more money in the bank for your more-important future needs. 

If you need a little help watching your usage, the RELX Infinity line can help you lessen your vaping habits with its programmed Smart Pace Vibration Alert. With this feature, your vape will vibrates if you take 15 puffs within 15 minutes. 

A vape that reminds you to relax (pun intended) and not be in such a hurry? Sounds pretty good to us!

A blue RELX e-cig stands in front of multicolored rolls of paper.

Compact but still sturdy, small e-cigs fit in all but the tiniest of pockets.

Designed for the daily grind

Vapers who prefer small e-cigs tend to be attracted to how easy they are to use and even carry around. Most of these devices fit quite easily in your pocket without creating any unsightly bulges, and have a sleek and streamlined look that usually seems more cutting-edge than the typical large and bulky open pod system. 

But don’t think that slim and trim means delicate. After all, such units are still built to be durable enough that you won’t need to baby them. Prefer to stick it straight in your pocket instead of in a pouch first? Cincai la, it can handle it. 

The RELX Infinity line in particular is made of aluminium alloy that can take on daily wear and tear without skipping a beat. A 2020 Red Dot Winner, models come in various colours and have a highly ergonomic mouthpiece design, making them perfect if you’re planning to switch to vape.   

If you need more power on the go, the Infinity models can be used with either of the slim-fit, travel-friendly charging cases that free you from cords while still energising your device on demand.

A RELX Pod Pro is full of e-juice.

Full flavour in a compact device? E-cigs give that, and so much more.

Flavours and full puffs

Going small doesn’t mean you’ll have to trade away flavour or vapour output. What you will be giving up, however, are negatives like spitback, e-juice that tastes odd or that doesn’t work well with your device, and the constant fiddling and trial-and-error that are common with open pod systems. 

Small, closed pod systems save you from the tediousness of having to find e-juice that your device has no trouble turning into vapour. 

The RELX Infinity and Essential lineup are compatible with pods available in a large selection of flavours, from tobacco, menthol, and fruits, to drinks and desserts. All are made to be full-bodied, making your no-smoke journey a Super Smooth one.   

Discreet, ergonomic and effective- these reasons are enough for vapers to make the #SwitchToSmooth. What are you waiting for? 

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