Real Reasons Why Your Vape Pen Light is Blinking

Real Reasons Why Your Vape Pen Light is Blinking

February 10, 2022

When your vape pen starts to blink, worry can settle in, especially when it happens for the first time. Is something wrong with the device? What does it mean? How can it be fixed?  

There is no cause for concern. The blinking lights are your device’s way of trying to speak to you and make you aware that it needs a quick look and a little time to resolve the minor problem. With that, understanding what it means is important.  

Read on as we help shed light — pun definitely intended — on why vape pens and other similar devices blink and how to turn it off.

Your device is low on battery

RELX vape pen on table

Blinking lights could mean your device is in need of a quick charge.

Modern vape pens such as mods have lights that are programmed to show how much power they have left. If the lights are blinking or flashing, that could mean your vape is asking for some energy.  

Connecting your device to its dedicated charger and waiting for a few minutes will power it up for continuous use. This can be a burden if you’re out and about, so keep in mind to charge it beforehand or bring your charger with you, if needed.  

If you’re using a RELX Infinity device, the Infinity Wireless Charging Case makes the limitations of bringing a charger and finding a wall socket obsolete. Just pop your device in its case and it’ll stay fully charged for when you need to use it next.  

For any brand of vape, though, you may want to have the batteries checked if the malfunctioning continues. In this case, a replacement might be the solution.

Your device has no more e-liquid

Your vape device’s LEDS could be blinking when your device’s tank or pod is low on e-liquid. In a nutshell, your device is telling you that there’s nothing to turn into vapour, hence why there is no mist after use.  

This can easily be fixed by making it a habit to check your e-liquid levels before using your device. Visually inspecting the tank or double checking your pod to see if it needs to be refilled or replaced can solve the constant blinking. If the tank needs a refill, be careful with the amount as you’ll risk clogging your device when overfilled.

You didn’t attach your device’s pods or other parts well

Loose components could cause the blinking or flashing lights on your vape device. This can frequently occur when using an open-pod system as users have the option of taking them apart for customisation, and subsequently make the vape device’s LEDs light up.  

Remember to place all parts securely and tightly together after disassembling and reassembling your device to avoid continuous blinking.

You added an incompatible component to your device

As said, customisation in open-pod systems is possible and done by some users. However, it can be easy to add parts that aren’t suited for the device. When you continue to use incompatible components, you risk the possibilities of bad performance and damaging your device in the long run.   

Being conscious of the components of your device and how to properly install them through research is a must on your vape pen blinking check list.

Should you be concerned about the flashing lights?

man holding RELX vape pen

You don’t need to worry about your device blinking. It’s fixable!

An inconvenience at most, the blinking lights are no cause for alarm. It’s simply the device’s way of catching your attention and letting you know it needs to be looked at.  

Whether it needs a quick charge, refill, disassembling or assembling, the device will be good to go and no longer blinking, regardless of how long you’ve been vaping.  

Of course, you can also decide to dodge the stressful process that you may experience with open-pod devices by switching to a closed-pod system like RELX.  

Unlike other devices, RELX’s Infinity and Essential don’t need to be disassembled to give you optimum performance, which means that they offer a hassle-free, Super Smooth vaping experience for everyone. 

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