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Heard About This New Vape Pen Technology In Malaysia? Read the Full Details!

November 03, 2021

RELX devices arranged on a flatlay layout

Why are people raving about the latest vape pen technology?

To the delight of vapers everywhere, devices have evolved leaps and bounds to include a vape pen. This is a notable change from the first e-cigarette, which was first introduced to the market in the early 2000’s.  

And, just like any other modern invention, these developments and improvements in vaping technology have also improved the aesthetics and overall functionality of devices — which means that vapers can basically say goodbye to the chunky and basic e-cigarettes and vape pens of years past. 

Now, lets take a quick look at some of the latest developments in vaping technology and the reasons why vapers just cant stop talking about them.

LED Lights That Tell You Whats Up

Back in the early days of vaping, devices were downright basic. Vapers could only check simple things like battery and juice levels. Most devices were limited to decorative lights, power indicators, and not much else. Fast forward two decades and we are a world away from those simpler days. Todays devices, for instance, are equipped with cutting edge technology which take out the guesswork for users. These include features like pre-programmed LEDs which blink and show different colors in order to inform users of their device’s battery levels, error messages and its overall status.

A Vape Pen That Gives You the Lowdown Through Good Vibrations

Aside from flashing lights, today’s devices such as RELX’s Infinity line also come equipped with smart vibration mechanisms which are meant to inform users all about their device — and their usage.  

What this means is that not only will your RELX vape device subtly vibrate to tell you about the condition of your devices and their attached pods, its intuitive Smart Pace Vibration Alert will also help you keep track of your usage by gently vibrating if you've taken more than 15 puffs in a 15-minute session! Hebat, kan?

Better Batteries Put the Power in Your Hands

Man charges his RELX device wirelessly

Unlike before, today's vapers don't have to worry about their device losing power.

Here's a horror story for the modern era: Did you know that, just a few years ago, vapers would have to carry spare batteries for their vapes in bulky cases just to ensure that they have enough power for more than a couple of puffs? 

Today’s vapers don’t have to worry about that, as they have near-unlimited access to a variety of devices on the market — such as RELX’s line of vapes — which use top-of-the-line batteries that hold more power and withstand more charging cycles compared to earlier versions.  

Not only that, but RELX’s line of vape pens are also built for convenience: you can fully charge the Infinity in just 45 minutes, which means it’s ready for you by the time you finish an episode of your favourite Netflix show! 

Also, today’s vaping devices — unlike the e-cigarettes of old — can even be charged using a variety of different power sources such as power banks and laptop computers. Selamat tinggal, bateri lemah.

Stylish, Ergonomic Design That Blends Form and Function

RELX devices sit on a table

Today’s vape devices, just like RELX Infinity, blend premium aesthetics with precision engineering and design

If you could use only one word to describe a vaping device of yore it would have to be: bulky! 

Early vaping devices were so big and heavy that users would often need to use both hands just to lift and fire them properly. What a hassle, right? 

Thankfully, today’s users don’t have to face that problem, given that the majority of the latest vaping devices come in user-friendly sizes that can comfortably fit in hand and pocket. 

Take RELX’s Infinity and Essential lines, for instance. Not only are they only slightly longer than your index finger, they also have slim, symmetrical designs and gorgeous colourways that make them stylish for even the most fashion-conscious vaper. 

A Super Smooth Vaping Experience That Stands Out Above The Rest

RELX devices sit alongside their engineering plans

No doubt about it: RELX devices are on the cutting edge of premium e-cigarette technology 

Back in the early days of vaping, issues such as leaky devices, limited and harsh-tasting flavours, and itchy throat hits were all considered par for the course for many pioneering vapers. 

The good news? Vapers today don’t have to put up with any of that, thanks to innovations like RELX’s very own patented Super Smooth Technology that provides vapers with a super segak vaping experience like no other.  

Unlike the bulky and hard-to-use e-cigarettes of yesteryear, the RELX Infinity line of vaping devices are at the cutting edge of premium e-cigarette technology — and then some!  

For instance, the RELX Infinity includes features not found in most vaping devices, such as an intuitive vibration alert that helps vapers track both device performance and usage, a patented Active-steam Pro and Air Boost design that optimises vapour volume and quality, a reliable dual-charging system that ensures peak power for up to three days, and a leak-resistant design that helps prevent spills from occurring.  

A true titan among today’s vaping devices, RELX Infinity is a proud winner of the Red Dot Award, which means that the device is in the same league as other tech giants like Apple and Phillips. 

The wait is over! Switch to the World’s Super Smooth vape pen now, and indulge in the enjoyable experiences that everyone’s been talking about for yourself!  


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