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Looking For a Vape Shop? We Have the Lowdown!

March 18, 2022

Modern yet immersed in local culture, the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur is filled with a fair amount of things to do and places to see. Weekends can be spent outside the city, but with the collection of bars, restaurants, shops, and cultural sites, tourists and locals alike tend to seek for new adventures in the metro. However, being out and about while on your #nosmoke journey can be a bit of an obstacle when you run out of pods, e-juice, or are in need of a charge. Instead of letting this encounter wreck your mood while on the move, hitting up the vape shops in the area will keep your annoyance at bay and let you continue to enjoy the day.  

Whether you’re new to vaping or in an area you’re unfamiliar with, we’ve got you.  

Here’s a mini-guide to all of this city’s coolest hoods and where you can find the nearest vape shops in the area.


Eateries are the thing here. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner–this is where you can find places to chow till your pant’s buttons pop. Always opening something new, Bangsar is definitely a place to visit if you haven’t yet.  

Grab some breakfast at VCR or Yeast Bistronomy along Jalan Telawi and if you need a coffee fix, you’ll enjoy it in these two places as well. If both are full, you could visit Huckleberry, Urban Daybreak, Birch, Naj & Belle, or Botanica + Co.  

APW is also a must-see. Once a commercial printing factory, the grounds are now used as a creative space. The campus is a place where the community comes together through workshops, events, and programmes but also offers food and pockets of green around the compound to sit and find respite. One restaurant to definitely try is Grano Pasta where they specialise in traditional Italian pasta dishes. Have a glass of wine while you’re at it.  

And if you’ve run out of pods or e-juice while out on your grand food trip, Drip Loft on Jalan Telawi 3 and Vape Empire Bangsar on Jalan Telawi 2 are both a walk away to fulfil your vape needs.

Bukit Bintang

A favourite place for tourists and locals, Bukit Bintang is where you’ll find the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s cuisine. The food and drinks are decently priced, with many choices from an overwhelming amount of hawker stalls. Jalan Alor is where you’ll find char kway teow, gula melaka ice cream, orh luak, satay–the list goes on.  

The area is also known for its shopping so head on down to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur to beat the heat, window shop, or gift yourself with something nice.  

And then there’s happy hour. You can find numerous bars in the area but to make it special, enjoy a mojito from Havana while taking in the restored, pre-war shophouse. Another bar worth mentioning is Pisco where you can vibe to the live music performances and snack on Spanish tapas while going through their cocktail list. 

The nearest places to go to when you need a quick vape fix is Vape Mode Kuala Lumpur in Sungei Wang Plaza and Vapefanz in Berjaya Times Square.

Girl sitting on stairs holding RELX vape device
Knowing vape shops nearby will help you relax and save your day out. 

KLCC & Chinatown

The lights, the glamour–this is what you’ll find in KLCC. A couple minutes away from Bukit Bintang, but a very different atmosphere.  

However, before getting to the glitzy bits, taking the offbeat path can be an enjoyable alternative. Take a stroll along KLCC Park or explore the nature trails and herbal gardens of KL Forest Eco Park. If you want a bit more exercise, running and trekking there are options too. If you’d rather see the older parts of the city centre, visit Chinatown nearby. The colonial/post-war architecture, cultural monuments, and local art and handicrafts will keep you entertained for at least a few hours. Petaling Street, Central Market, and Kwai Chai Hong are all immersed in local culture and popular destinations for travellers. Other places to mention in this area are PS150, if you like speakeasies, and Chocha, a garden cafe that offers modern contemporary Malaysian cuisine. 

Once you’ve explored the historic areas, moving on to the lavish bits of KLCC are a must. Marini’s, Bar Trigona at Four Seasons, and Canopy are all positioned where panoramic views of the city can be seen. The experience and drinks will make it worth your while in spite of the price. 

And if you’re looking for a vape shop in the area, Vape Empire Quill City Mall provides excellent service and the items you may need for your device.


This area is dedicated to all the coffee drinkers and bubble tea lovers in the city.  

If you find yourself in this area or are planning a visit, pull up at Dotty’s Pastries & Coffee, Aether Cafe, Thursdvys, Pickle & Fig, Common Man Coffee Roasters or Neutrals for the ultimate coffee fix. 

But if you’d like boba instead, Gong Cha (a staple), The Black Whale, Tiger Sugar, and many more are available within the area. 

While sipping on your drink, feel free to drop by Drop By Vapor or Vape Empire The Curve Damansara to stock up on your vape needs. 

Other vape shops in the city worth bringing up are RELX Store Sri Petaling, VapeBoss Solaris, Uncle Boboi Vape House, and Vapor Hub Setapak, if you happen to be in close proximity.

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