Man holding a guitar and writing songs against a brick background wall

List of New Popular Hobbies in Malaysia

November 03, 2021

Man holding a guitar and writing songs against a brick background wall

Hobbies and interests are a great way to keep newly switched vapers focused on their journey 

Penghujung tahun dah dekat and Malaysians everywhere are already looking forward to spread the Christmas cheer. It’s time to reconnect with loved ones and make socially distanced reunion lunch and dinner plans. It’s a given that this year has been especially challenging for everyone, but one thing’s for certain: Malaysians are all about the holiday spirit. Let the festivities begin! 

However, if the thought of the physical get-togethers still make you feel uncomfortable as a newly switched vaper, bertenang! Just think of entering the festive season as an experience that’s similar to making a switch: not only will you be able to put a particularly mundane year behind you, but you’ll also be able to embrace a SuperSmooth start to the new year. 

Here’s a list of hobbies and activities to try out with your family members and friends during the next gathering. 

Santa Squad Assemble!

Are you the most generous of the bunch? Now’s your chance to flex those gift-giving muscles, as we’re already in the musim raya! Hit the online shops — or your nearest mall — and get shopping with your friends. If you prefer to DIY, take advantage of all the extra time you’ve been gifted this pandemic and create something special with your own two hands. You could even upcycle old belongings and transform them into new storage solutions or build an Instagram-worthy standing desk for your home office! Of course, all this crafting is a lot more fun with friends around, so be sure to involve one or two of your buddies.  

And yes, `tis the season to be jolly, and to give back to the less fortunate, too. Regardless of which charity you choose to donate to, they’ll be sure to appreciate your generosity.

Cleaning For the Wannabe Neat Freak

Embarking on any new journey can leave you feeling a bit fidgety at first. So, while switching to vape, it’s good to keep your hands busy and your mind focused on completing projects. Given the pandemic, we’re sure many of you have been taking advantage of all the extra time by getting round to all the cleaning at home you’ve been putting off for so long.  

Cleaning the ash of the past is not only cathartic but also a great way to get all the clutter out of the way and make room for all your Christmas decorations.

Cooking up a Storm For the Festive Foodie

Man smiling while holding a grocery bag full of bread

It’s fun to cook for your loved ones over the holiday season

You’ve already tickled your tastebuds with the vast array of vape flavours on offer, which means that now’s the time to take it up a notch by going on a gastronomical adventure. First, try hitting up some of the country’s famous food spots, such as Melaka, Penang, and Terengganu. These spots have a wide array of restaurants and cuisines to choose from. Perhaps these might inspire the inner Chef Wan in you? 

Now that you’ve tasted different cuisines, why not practice for your next Christmas Eve gathering and play chef in the kitchen? This way, you’ll spend less time lounging and it also helps you to resist the temptation to light up a stick with the others. You can just focus on keeping their bellies full!   

One top tip? Try some of the latest culinary trends. Today, many of us enjoy recreating the Korean and Japanese food we see on our favorite TV shows. For more inspiration, there’s always YouTube or Instagram! You can also treat yourself with one of Gordon Ramsay’s masterclasses to bring out your inner master chef. And once you’ve mastered the basics, woo your friends and family at your next (socially distanced) holiday get-together. 

Embrace the Great Outdoors as Part of Your New List of Hobbies

Making the switch is the first step to making better life choices. Embarking on this new journey with the ambition to change yourself will impact your future for the better. One of the best ways to ditch your former habits and change your mindset is physical activity. Keeping your body moving and pumped will make you feel mentally refreshed. Even better, how about suggesting some outdoor physical activities to your friends as part of your get-togethers? That way, the gathering kick-starts with some safe outdoor fun! 

You can even lead by example, by playing instructor or coach during your next socially distanced get-together. Get the gang together — complete with face masks, of course — for a nice Christmas picnic at the park or campsite, where everyone is bound to enjoy the scenery and wholesome physical fun. Keeping busy means less opportunity to take out a cigarette pack. 

On top of that, cycling is more popular than ever today. Round up the crew and go for bike rides around the metro. Whether you’d prefer a sunset ride by Taman Tasik Titiwangsa or a hilly challenge in Broga Hill’s verdant surroundings, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to scenic routes. The months leading up to Christmas Day are the best time of the year to bike too! 

Going Digital for the Tech Enthusiast

Four friends taking selfies

Enjoy the latest e-cigarette innovations from RELX with your friends

When we’re ditching old habits, it’s good to find ways to enrich our lives by keeping abreast of the latest tech trends and everything new in the digital world. Today, there’s an array of innovations that have helped us to forge closer relationships during the pandemic, including hi-tech e-cigarettes. 

Still not comfortable meeting up with friends IRL? Set up a ‘teleparty’ and watch all 9 episodes of Squid Game together. If you and your rakan-rakan are up for more light-hearted fun, play game master and coordinate a Christmas-themed virtual game night for your closest buds. 

If you’re known as the Elon Musk fan of the group and you’re the go-to when finding extra deets on new tech, this is the perfect time to convince others to join you in making the switch. Present them the gift of #NoSmoke. To help you, brands like RELX are easily accessible in Malaysia, reasonably priced and they have a growing online community you and your friends can tap into for exciting deals throughout the holidays. 

It’s understandable that starting a new journey and leaving familiar habits behind may be challenging. For a certain few, this requires a fair amount of courage and perseverance. On a bright note, having a jam-packed schedule during the musim raya will keep your busy and focused on reconnecting with loved ones. It’ll also give you a chance to develop a new list of hobbies. Enjoy the hujung tahun holidays and have a Super Smooth festive season! 

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