A couple enjoys a romantic dinner with the city lights behind them.

Level Up Your Dating Game: 3 Benefits of Quitting Smoking Today

March 18, 2022

Dating is a complicated process at best. Plus, if you don’t already know the likes and dislikes of the person you’ll be taking out, you’ll have to make some guesses that could make or break the evening, whether it’s at a fancy restaurant or a hip coffeeshop. 

But don’t worry! There are things you can do to avoid getting FFK the next time you ask her out. And of these, possibly the biggest is to give up smoking. 

Yes, it’s a big step, and one that can take a lot of willpower. Still, if you want to level up your dating game and be a confident Leng Chai, you should consider the benefits of quitting smoking.

It’s better for first impressions

A couple enjoys breakfast while talking.

Making a good first impression is easier without cigarette breaks.

Now, if your date is a smoker, then not quitting would be a common point of interest. Having one of those is always a good thing, but the chances are high that she isn’t, and so it might be seen as a major turn-off. 

The ever-present smell is the main concern. No matter how much cologne you apply, you won’t be able to fully mask the fact that you do indeed smoke. Also, there will be times when you’d have to excuse yourself to find a place to light up would interrupt the conversation you’d be having. Of course, you won’t be able to invite her to join you if she’s a non-smoker. 

If you’re tempted to not tell her, abandon that thought. This is something that you should be forward with, because many women consider it a deal-breaker. Better yet, think of quitting smoking instead.

It’s better for your health

A couple with arms linked strolls along a path.

Quitting smoking gives health benefits that work for dating too.

You may not instantly see the connection between your health and dating, but think about it. If your date is successful and she agrees to see you again, there’s a chance that you’ll be doing more active things, like going for long walks in the park or even strolling through the neighbourhood pasar malam. 

Quitting smoking can give you the stamina needed for doing all that without breaking a sweat (or at least, without having to stop and catch your breath every now and then). 

Plus, if things go even further, you may end up having gym dates or doing sports together. If this happens, you’d be in much better shape and be able to do more if you had already given up cigarettes.

It’s a socially conscious decision

A smiling woman shows her approval with a thumbs-up gesture.

Quitting smoking is seen as good for society, which reflects well on you.

Like it or not, these days smoking is looked upon with much disfavour. Actually, some people see it as anti-social behaviour, because of all the stigma related to it (like littering and pollution). 

By quitting smoking, you’ll be decreasing your chances of being thought of as someone who only cares about himself. And with all the complexity of the modern dating scene, you should definitely take any chance you can get to level up your game.

Make the hard decision easier

A gold RELX vape lies beside colored glass ornaments.

Switching to vape can make quitting cigarettes easier.

It can be difficult to give up cigarettes, even if it could make dating and even the other aspects of your life easier. But if you want to leave all that behind and make a new start, consider switching to vape instead. 

There are many new vape products that can help the transition. The RELX Infinity and Essential lines, for example, are designed to provide suitable alternatives which won’t leave you feeling that something is lacking. Making the change can do wonders for you in many ways. 

It’s time to level up your dating game, so consider all the benefits of quitting smoking and switching to vape today. 

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