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It’s Time To Troubleshoot! Learn About Fixing Vape Pens Available in Malaysia

March 18, 2022

Making the switch from smoking to vaping bears many questions, from which vape pens are right for you, how they work to what happens when something goes wrong. It can be daunting with the amount of choices on the market and seeing the many components of a vape may shy you away from picking one altogether.  

Don’t worry, we’re about to give you the 411.  

Unlike cigarettes, vape pens are built to last (and helpful in ditching your long-time smoking habit). They’re ash-free and contain significantly lower levels of harmful chemicals. You’ll learn that there are two kinds of vape systems but vapers usually prefer to stick with one; there is the open pod system and the closed pod system device. Both give results but do have their differences.

The Open Pod System

Three different kinds of vape pens 

If you don’t mind the mess, open pod systems could be for you.

Flexibility and customisation are the pros of an open pod system as this device allows vapers to refill their vapes with different e-liquids and can also be adjusted to their preferred settings. If this already sounds complicated, maybe this vape isn’t for you. Many who choose this particular device are experienced vapers, so diving head first into this means background research and knowledge of your open pod system device.  

The vape consists of different components, much like the cogs in a machine–all important but when overlooked, can lead to trouble. Starting with the refillable pod, the vape allows you to switch flavours manually till you find your perfect match. Your fingers will get sticky but you will be rewarded with smooth, full vapour clouds. The pod is attached to the coils, which are made of metal wire wrapped around with cotton wicks. Coils are an important part of the device because they act as the component that heats up the e-liquid, subsequently turning it into vapour. These will need to be changed from time to time to avoid that displeasing, burnt taste you may encounter with your vape. Lastly, the body of the device carries the battery.  

Knowing your vape will help when faced with problems. But to quickly sum up the main factors to keep your vape in good condition, you would need to regularly change your cartridge and coils, stick with the line when refilling your pod with e-liquid, clean your tank and make sure your device is charged.  

From the chunkier, heavier ones to open pod vape pens, these devices may require more maintenance but will give you the vaping experience you’ve been expecting when treated with care.

The Closed Pod System

Different colours of the RELX Essential Device

User-friendly and slick, closed pod devices are easy to use while on the move.

Similar looking on the outside but different on the inside, closed pod systems are the less demanding, easy to use devices. 

Constantly refilling pods and carrying e-juice with you will no longer be the case as closed pod systems come with pre-filled cartridges. As vapes have become more popular, companies have invested in creating a variety of flavours, some with nicotine, others without, in order to please the vaping community and their tastes. And as it progresses, the more innovative the closed pod devices become.  

The various components of these vape pens are the mouthpiece, the atomiser, the e-liquid chamber or cartridge, and vapouriser. The device is the simplest one on the market because everything is basically done for you. Each pre-filled pod comes with the mouthpiece and chamber or cartridge, which when inhaled will activate the atomiser. The vapouriser is the body of the device where you’ll find the battery and other power supply parts. 

One of the modern, up-and-coming products on the market, known as RELX, offers a diverse selection of flavours in a variety of colours. Both their RELX Infinity and RELX Essential lines are popular for their simple design, leak resistant maze, full-bodied flavour, and super smooth performance 

The only thing you need to know when using this vape pen is to pop in a new pod if there’s no e-juice left and check if your device needs a quick charge. What else could you ask for when starting your new, #NoSmoke journey? 

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