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Best Ways to Enhance the Taste of Your Vape Juice Flavour

February 10, 2022

Whether you’ve been vaping for some time or a first-timer, one thing experienced by both users is stumbling upon the variety of vape juice flavours available in the market. No matter the preference, there is a wide selection for everyone’s palate.  

You’ll finally find a flavour you prefer and stick with, yet sometimes, it just doesn’t have the same taste or effect it used to.  Your taste buds aren’t deceiving you–the change could range from being more subtle to significantly tasting different, making the overall vape experience an unsatisfying one.  

There are several reasons for this, normally caused by imperfections in the device or in the juice. And if you have come across this unfortunate encounter, making some changes will help you get the maximum flavour out of your vape juice. 

Read on to learn some tricks in helping you experience a smoother, fuller flavour with your vape. 

Changing your temperature and wattage settings

When using an open-pod system, users have the ability to adjust the wattage or temperature on their device. Because you have the option of customising your vaping experience, you’ll need to experiment with different vape juice flavours on different settings.  

This is due to the flavour compounds in vape juice vapourizing at different temperatures, so the ‘perfect’ setting depends on what compounds a particular e-juice contains. For example, some vape juices unveil their best flavours when heated at 35 watts, while others may taste at its peak flavour at 50 watts.  

Taking the time to check and test your device’s capabilities with different temperatures for every flavour you try will give you better results for maximum enjoyment. Nobody wants to keep puffing on something bland. 

However, the process can be mundane.  

A closed-pod system, like RELX, allows for a less stressful experience, removing the control over wattage or temperature. After sliding the pod in, you can rely on the device to perform at an optimal level with rich flavours round-the-clock.

Choosing your coils and tanks carefully

Staying on top of your coils and tanks is staying ahead of the game. By installing new coils and tanks, mod users can get the most flavour from their device. If you feel your flavour is weakening or has a burnt tang, it might be time to make the switch. 

However, before placing any modifications, be knowledgeable when it comes to choosing, specifically ones that match your device. Selecting the right coils and tanks will improve the flavour and vapour production while purchasing incompatible parts can lead to poor battery life, underperformance, and more serious problems like short circuits. 

You’ll need to research what's best suited for your device prior to buying new components and will also have to consider the aesthetics. Doing some background reading will help with the overall design and quality. 

If you find the procedure quite tedious, it may be best to consider a closed-pod system. Vapes, such as RELX, offer an aesthetically pleasing design, full-bodied flavour, and a super smooth performance by just snapping up a new pod.

Knowing the materials for your wicks and coils have an impact

Cotton and ceramic are the two types of materials you can use for your wicks. Cotton wicks are known to extract very clean and pure flavours from vape juices, while ceramic ones are known to last longer while also giving a superior flavour.  

Meanwhile, coils come in a more extensive selection, with Kanthal, stainless steel, nickel, and titanium.  

Depending on what you buy, the taste and performance can vary. Nickel and Kanthal perform well, while titanium and stainless steel give a slight, metallic taste to the vapour. The difference may not be very distinct but again, your coil could be a reason why your vape juice isn’t as full-flavoured as usual. 

Testing out different materials in your device may be the way to go in order to find what works for you.  

Listing all these bits and pieces may be overwhelming, and if you simply want to vape without having to deal with the trial-and-error process, purchasing a closed-pod system like RELX could be a better fit. With the materials and configuration already in place, the available pods are all you need in order to vape. 

Inspecting your VG:PG ratio

man holding vape

Consider vape juices with a good VG:PG ratio to have a better vaping experience

If you’re a long time vaper, you’ve most likely developed a preference for a particular VG:PG ratio of your juices. And if you’re a newcomer wondering what a VG:PG ratio is, that’s all right too.  

To summarise, vape juices come in a wide assortment of formulations–in flavour compounds and also in vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratios.   

Vegetable glycerin, or VG, is a natural chemical derived from vegetable oils with a slightly sweet taste. It’s used in vape juice to thicken the amount of vapour that is produced. Propylene glycol, or PG, on the other hand, is the element in vape juice which carries the flavour and nicotine content.  

The exact ratio of these two fluids depends on the particular vape juice and needs to be considered when purchasing (as you should choose one at the right level for your device).  

Starting with a 50:50 PG:VG ratio is suggested before trying out other combinations. From there, you can continue to test your ratio till you find one you like.

Acquiring a stress-free device

relx infinity vaping device

A closed-pod system can help solve your flavour issues.

The regular trial-and-errors, the burnt and metallic aftertaste, and the time put in to get the most out of your vape juice can take a toll on anyone. The tiresome process for open-pod users could potentially dissuade them from using their devices further. And If you’re disgruntled, or relatively new to vaping and want something more straight-forward, trying a closed-pod system like RELX Infinity or Essential might be what you’re looking for.  

These products provide cutting-edge features such as a patented Leak-Resistant Maze system and an intuitive user experience with an extensive flavour selection. They are easy to use and ready to go after a charge and insertion of a fresh pod–delivering a Super Smooth experience.

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