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Find Great Gift Ideas at These Online Gift Shops in Malaysia

February 10, 2022

It can be pretty stressful to come up with gift ideas for friends and family, because you need to first figure out what they’d like, then actually find a place selling those items.  

This goes double during the holiday season, because crowds, few stocks, and long lines at mall stores or pasar malam are no joke. Let’s not even get into the traffic on the road and having to find parking (unless there’s an MCO going on, of course).  

If these are familiar issues, you’re probably already paying attention to the many online shops and stores now. These let you research on, look for, and eventually buy gifts without having to leave the comfort of your house. A few clicks or taps are all that stand between you and a gift list with everything crossed out.  

Convenience aside, such stores are often cheaper than their physical counterparts and will even deliver straight to your doorstep or anywhere else you tell them to. They also have a massive mix of gift ideas ranging from the highly functional to the just plain weird, and nearly everything in between.  

We’ve put together a list of some online shops you should check out if you want to exchange the crowds, lines, and traffic for a super smooth shopping experience. 

Finest Ounce

A vape lies on its side beside three bottles of vape juice.

Finest Ounce carries a curated selection of vape products.

Finest Ounce touts itself as the country’s #1 online vape store, and it has a wide but curated selection of products, all of which are authentic and from well-known brands such as RELX. 

When you visit its website, you’ll notice that Finest Ounce specializes in pods. You’ll be able to choose from closed- and open-pod systems, and it even carries disposable pods too. 

Shopping here is a pleasant experience. You can easily use the filters on the left side of the screen to quickly narrow down your options, and even see what arrived recently. Looking for local or imported items? There’s a filter for that too. 

Overall, it’s easy to find gift ideas for your special people at Finest Ounce, and your experience is sure to be a super smooth one too.


A happy couple shops for gifts on a tablet computer in their living room.

Shopee has so many items that finding the right gift is a breeze. 

Perhaps the leading e-commerce website in the country, Shopee has an incredibly diverse selection of items in different categories, so it won’t be hard at all to find some great gift ideas here. 

From clothes to masks, gadgets, novelties, and so much more, almost everything you can think of is just a search away. You can even get food delivered, so you can enjoy your favourite dishes while shopping. 

This platform offers many perks to make your experience super smooth, including discount vouchers, free shipping options, and different payment methods. It even offers SPayLater, which pushes back the date by which you need to pay for the things you bought. 

Here’s a super smooth tip that might make buying on Shopee easier: When you see something that looks promising, just add it to your cart. Then, when you think you’ve had enough, you can visit your cart and make your final selection from there. Easy, right?


A smiling man holds his credit card while using his laptop.

Lazada matches its wide assortment of products with regular promos and sales.

One of the biggest and most popular online selling platforms in the country, Lazada offers a mind-blowing assortment of products, and even has regular promos and sales. 

With all the choices, you may have a hard time shortlisting from your gift ideas. The easiest way to do that is to visit the LazMall section, which guarantees that items you choose from there are all original and authentic. 

Lazada offers a wide variety of payment options too. Aside from its in-house Lazada e-wallet, you can use a Touch ‘n Go eWallet, Boost Wallet, or Cash On Delivery. If you prefer, installments and financing are available for certain products too.  

Convenience, a wide array of products and many ways to pay? That’s one super smooth shopping experience!


A blue vape pen is surrounded by rolled paper in various pastel shades.

The official RELX store gives you privileges not available elsewhere.

While it can’t be denied that buying from resellers and other platforms has its perks, nothing beats buying directly from the brands themselves, which you could do with RELX.  

For instance, not only will you be confident that you’re buying genuine items, you’ll also have access to the brand’s full inventory. Furthermore, you’ll get exclusive privileges that are not available via other platforms, such as warranties, memberships to brand clubs, and easy refund and return policies.  

On top of all that, the RELX official store also offers budget-friendly and practical bundles that contain the device, charging cable, and pods, all of which are perfectly convenient for the budget-conscious buyer looking for good gift ideas. 

It’s always a good sign when one’s shopping experience is as super smooth as the devices or products you’re buying and, thankfully, RELX’s online platforms and authorized online resellers do not disappoint.  

Ready to fill up your cart? Let’s go shopping! 

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