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Conversation Starters: 4 Vape Benefits to Convince Your Friend to Switch

September 23, 2021

If you’ve found that vaping works for you, now might be the time to convince a family member or friend to also make the switch. However, not being equipped with the right conversation starters can hinder your ability to describe first-hand the many advantages of vaping. 

Using a vape device is becoming more socially acceptable as it doesn’t create a smoky environment or leave a lingering odour. For these reasons, family get-togethers or social gatherings make for the perfect opportunity to convince a loved one it’s time to switch. 

Here are a few punchy one-liners that could potentially spark a conversation about making the switch to the #WorldSuperSmooth Vape.

Man holding a glass of a blue coloured beverage in his right hand and a RELX vape device in his left.

Engaging conversation starters can spark an honest discussion about switching to vape.

Conversation Starter #1: ‘Did You Know That a Switch to Vape Will Help You Save Money?’

There’s no denying that money is one of the most popular topics of conversation, globally. Specifically, these conversations revolve around how to make, save, or invest your ringgit, and ways to get more bang for your buck.

Similarly, how much Ringgit Malaysia (RM) you spend monthly on vaping can be used as a suitable conversation icebreaker. For instance, it’s important to explain to a loved one that the cost of a device and preferred flavour options should be taken into consideration when deciding whether a switch to vape is feasible. It’s also important to note that frequency of use can also influence your monthly spend.

RELX Infinity and RELX Essential vape devices come fitted with a leak-resistant maze that consists of 11 structural layers. The primary function of the maze is to help prevent internal leakage and condensation. In addition, RELX Infinity devices also have a Smart Pace Vibration Alert feature, which triggers a vibrating notification to help users keep track of usage, thereby helping you to vape at your own pace and prevent overspending.

Conversation Starter #2: ‘Did You Know That Vaping Can Help You Get More Dates?’

Another topic that always pops up during any social gathering is relationships. To be more specific, a friend or relative’s dating life, or lack of one!

One factor could be their smoking habit.

A whopping 58 per cent of people were found to be less than enthusiastic about dating people who smoke, according to a recent survey.

On a brighter note, a family member or friend’s dating struggles can provide an unlikely yet interesting conversation starter. Once you have piqued their interest by claiming that a #SwitchToSmooth can help them appear more dateable, you can go on to explain that potential dates are more likely to accept vaping as the norm. Also, as it doesn’t emit any foul odour, anyone can enjoy vaping without having to leave the room or stink it out.

A smiling woman sitting on a mat as she holds a RELX vape device in her left hand.

Grow more confident in public by switching to the #WorldSuperSmooth Vape

Conversation Starter #3: ‘Did You Know that Vaping Can Help You Say Goodbye to Smoker’s Breath?’

A common complaint we hear from smokers and those around them is the stench of their breath, especially when attending social or family events, or when out on a date. Besides, smokers also know that the unpleasant smell of cigarette smoke will cling to their clothes and skin.

This can cause unease among the people around them, particularly if they’re having a conversation with other people in an elevator or in a closed-door, air-conditioned meeting room. As these are valid concerns that can cause a great deal of embarrassment, starting a conversation with a loved one about switching to vape can go a long way towards boosting their confidence when out in public.

Besides, newly switched vapers will no longer have to worry about carrying breath mints or chewing gum in their pockets, washing their hands frequently, or changing clothes before important appointments. Thus, vaping can help them to save both time and money.

Conversation Starter #4: 'I Know a Product That Will Make Your Switch to Vape Smoother’

If you’ve managed to convince a loved one to switch, great! Now what? Simply put, using honest and effective conversation starters to convince a loved one about the benefits of vaping is only half the battle. The other half involves helping them choose a vape device that meets their needs and expectations.

RELX vape devices are among the most suitable devices available for newly switched vapers. These award-winning devices are designed to provide an incredible user experience at an affordable price. In Malaysia, RELX Infinity is priced at RM85, whereas RELX Essential is priced at just RM50.

A 2020 Red Dot Design Award winner, the RELX Infinity device comes with a Slim-Fit Charging Case. This sleekly designed case is portable and offers up to two full battery charges if used as per the recommendations. The RELX Infinity also features a Dual Charging System, which enables vapers to charge their devices wirelessly using a pogo pin or a classic USB-C port.

There are also various flavour options for your loved ones to choose from, which will make it easier for them to make the switch to vape. These include RELX Fresh Red and RELX Menthol Xtra.

A decision to switch to vape can be influenced with the right conversation starters but depends solely on a person's wants and needs. RELX Essential is a suitable choice for making the switch as it provides excellent value for your ringgit when it comes to design, technology, and battery life.

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