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5 Most Common Vape Troubleshooting Questions and How to Fix Them

December 21, 2021

Just like all modern consumer gadgets, a vape device can sometimes malfunction and cause trouble for their owners — a true potong stim moment, if you ask us. The good thing, however, is that most vape troubleshooting can be done by taking some time to understand good vaping practices. 

Here are some of the most common device related issues that vapers want help with:

What Should I Do if My Vape Device Isn’t Working?

A vape pen that doesn't produce any vapour is one of the most common problems that a user may encounter. While it is indeed quite an alarming one, malfunctioning vapes are no joking matter. After all, this problem actually has a very simple solution — pressing the power button.

While a vape device can sometimes stop working because of serious internal problems, no vapour being produced is usually caused by simply forgetting to turn on the device properly, or by not charging empty batteries and forgetting to replace pods.

Sometimes, however, the problem is a bit more complicated, such as a weak connection between the atomiser and device, or a flooded atomizer, among others.

In cases like these, it’s best to just bertenang lah, and let the experts take a look at it, in order to avoid causing more damage to the device.

My Vape Device Is Making Sounds. What Gives?

We’re so used to silent devices that any pops or crackles in our gadgets can cause us to panic. 

While such sounds may be a cause for concern in other devices, crackles, pops, and gurgles are actually to be expected in vape mods and similar open system devices.

Crackling sounds, for instance, are the result of e-liquids being heated. 

Popping sounds can indicate two things: an overly-saturated coil, a leak, or a sugary, low-quality e-liquid.

To fix this, simply turn down your vape mod’s wattage, or swap out your current e-liquid for one that’s of a higher quality. 

If you are using a closed system vape pen like RELX Infinity or Essential, don’t worry, because you won’t hear any popping sounds as RELX devices have metallic seals, maze-like traps, and silicone layers to ensure a leak-resistant design.

I Can’t Seem to Get Pulls Out of My Vape Device.  How Do I Solve This?

One of the most common problems that users encounter are vape pens that don’t produce any vapour.

This problem — especially if it's accompanied by burning smells and a foul taste — is usually caused by clogged devices.

While they can be quite frustrating, clogged devices are actually easy to fix: just gently warm up your device by using a hair dryer at its lowest setting, and then use a fine needle to loosen whatever is clogging your device or pod. 

To prevent clogs from happening, make it a habit to take smaller hits from your device, clean its mouthpiece regularly, and store it in an upright position.

Just like with leaks, closed system devices like those from RELX’s Infinity and Essential lines aren’t prone to clogging, thanks to their award-winning design. Mantap, right?

My Battery Isn’t Charging. What Should I Do?

Man holds a RELX Infinity device and a RELX charging case

Taking care of its batteries is one way to ensure your device lasts longer.

Non-charging devices and batteries are usually caused by two things: using the wrong charger for your vape, or dirty and dusty battery terminals.

While the first reason might seem silly, it’s actually quite understandable, given the number of cables and chargers we all have lying around our houses.

If you’re using the proper charger, take time to check your device’s battery terminals. As with most devices, these can get dirty with daily use. If this is the case with your device, simply clean its terminals with a cotton bud dipped in a little bit of isopropyl alcohol.

As a preventive measure, try to always maintain good battery health by not overcharging your device. Also, if you’re using an open pod device that allows you to remove its batteries, try to remove them from time to time, and store them in a dry, cool place when not in use.

Why Isn’t My Device Detecting The Atomiser or Pod?

Man holds a RELX Infinity device while inside a car.

Take care of your device in order to enjoy it for a much longer time.

This is a common problem with open pod devices such as mods. If this happens, first check your device’s coil and terminals to see if they are loose or dirty. These two issues can cause a weak connection, which can explain why the vape isn’t detecting the atomizer.

Another possible reason is that your device’s tank might be too tight and might need some loosening.

If you encounter this when using a closed pod system, your pod might be depleted, which means all you need to do is pop in a fresh pod to get things going again.

If you want devices that are foolproof, give closed pod systems like the ones from RELX’s Infinity and Essential lines a try.

Compared to other devices, RELX’s Infinity and Essential lines boast cutting-edge features like dual charging capabilities, a patented Leak-Resistant Maze system, and a Smart Pace Vibration Alert, all of which give users the most bang for their buck. 

RELX Pods are no different: not only do they offer a Super Smooth experience, they’re also available in a wide variety of flavours, which means that — no matter your taste or lifestyle, there is a RELX pod just for you.

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