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Is Your Vape Not Producing Vapor? Here's What You Need to Do

February 15, 2022

Reaching for your vape device and taking the first puff can be an annoying situation when you don’t exhale that thick cloud of vapour and flavour you were expecting. Whether you’re using an open or closed system device, this problem can occur, but can easily be fixed. 

Because open system users have the opportunity to customise their vape experience, more snags are bound to happen. Background knowledge on modifications (from your coils and gauges) to experimenting, maintaining, and cleaning parts of your vape is a necessity. Whereas, closed system users go through a less tedious process and can solve their puff issue in a straightforward manner.  

Making the switch and upgrading to a closed system vape device, such as RELX, will relieve the stress from the difficulties you may stumble across with an open system, so you can fully appreciate your no smoke journey. 

However, to those who have had a disappointing encounter with tiny puffs or no vapour at all, this checklist will help in getting the optimal puff back.

Inspect your e-juice

When was the last time you checked to see how much juice was left in your tank or pod? If it’s been a while, you most likely don’t have any vapour because your vape is in need of a refill.  

If you’re using an open pod system, replenishing your e-juice is the way to go. A sticky and messy process? Definitely, but it will get the job done.  

With a closed-pod system like RELX, however, replacing your empty pod with a fresh one is the only thing you’d need to do to get the puff you want in a blink of an eye.

Check your coils regularly

For all the open system users out there, your coils are important.  

They consist of a wire and a wick, placed within your open-pod system’s cartridge. They are ultimately the reason behind the puff, as the coils do the work of heating up the e-juice in the tank, turning it into vapour. 

Replacing your device’s coil every two weeks will ensure proper performance. Not doing so could lead to more unpleasant encounters like burnt-tasting vapour and unpleasant smells. Falling victim to this is no treat.

Avoid e-juice flooding

Your puff, or lack thereof, may be a result of an overfilled tank or pod.  

Sometimes done by accident when you’re in a rush, or simply to get out of doing it again at a later time, overfilling can cause more than just vapour problems. Leakage, clogs, overheating, and airflow reduction are a couple of troubles you may run into which could, in the long run, damage your device along with whatever you place it in. Sorry pants. 

Try to resist the urge of going past the indicator line and refill the tank properly, while checking your coils as they lose their ability to absorb e-liquids or e-juices with use.

Securely attach your vape parts

The power to choose and customise is what attracts vapers to an open-pod system. But, as mentioned, requires more experimentation and research, depending on the changes made on the vape device.  

Although an opportunity, modifications could result in vapour problems if you’ve purchased new components but have not properly attached them together.  

By double-checking the modifications made to your device and ensuring all parts are secure, vapour production should continue as expected.

Use the proper mod components

man reading on his laptop

Researching on the right components for your device will help with vapour production. 

While all vapers want their device to look aesthetically pleasing, it’s best to take note that all components being added to the existing system are compatible with one another before customising.  

Reading up on your device and its compatible components will allow you to experience maximum vapour production as well as help prevent any future problems with the device. 

And for those who are tired of dabbling with their open system devices to get their vape’s puff back, it may be time to switch to a closed-pod system, such as RELX Infinity or Essential 

Both devices will put an end to the need for the checklist, with their cutting-edge technology like dual charging capabilities, a Smart Pace Vibration Alert, and a patented Leak-Resistant Maze system. User-friendly and just a pod change away, the RELX Infinity and Essential lines will give you the full-flavoured, optimal puff, whenever needed. 

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