Top RELX Vape Kits for 2024

Top RELX Vape Kits for 2024

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In recent years, pod-based vape kits have risen into fashion due to their sleekness and handiness compared with traditional vaping devices. Compared with traditional vaping devices, their sleek designs make them trendier and more convenient for most vapers. 

Choosing the best vape kit is ever-so important to maximum vaping satisfaction, be it for a seasoned vaper or a newbie. Being an industry-leading brand that never stops improving and striving for quality, RELX has given the market a wide diversity of vape kits to fit every taste.

Today, we’ll present the best new vape kits in our collection, including our Mini Devices and Pod Real systems, Crush Pocket Icy, and High Nic Series. Let’s discover why RELX vapes suit your vaping style.

RELX Mini Device: Compact Powerhouse

The RELX Mini really lives up to its name, boasting an ultra-slim and compact design that fits easily in your pocket or purse. This mini device will give you a perfect slim alternative for those who want to ditch the bulky mods but kick up performance.

Tech Specs and Features

Under the hood, you'll find a rechargeable battery—this means good riddance to disposables. RELX's Vcot technology ensures sound flavor delivery so you get your money's worth with Pod Real flavors. Of course, do check up on local regulations regarding e-liquid flavors.

Easy Does It

The Mini is uncomplicated. Its intuitive interface and pod system make it perfect for beginners and pros alike. Thanks to this LED indicator light, which will let you know when your battery is low, you'll never be caught with a dead device.

Pod Real: A Flavor Revolution

The RELX Pod Real system takes your vapor experience to a whole new level and pairs well with the sleek and portable  Mini Device. 

Pre-filled, with revolutionary VCOT technology, these pods come prepared to provide you with an atomic bomb-like explosion of flavors, unlike anything you have ever tried before.

Fruity Freeze or Tea Time Delight? The Choice is Yours

Our Pod Real boasts of a rich variety of flavors designed to excite your taste buds. Among the crowd favorites are:

  • Icy Mineral Water, which is a refreshingly cold vape with the slightest taste of sweetness
  • TieGuanYin Tea flavor for a more exotic outlook that will quench your thirst
  • Chrysanthemum Tea for a rush into relaxation with the pod for a floral, calming taste

More Than Just Flavor: Value and Performance

It isn't merely about taste with RELX Pod Reals. With each pack of 3 pods, it is only RM32, making it quite a cost-effective option compared to disposables. 

Not just flavor, VCOT technology pushes both coolness and richness up by as much as 25%. Each pod enjoys a life of up to 1,000 puffs; thus, a pack of 3 delivers up to 3,000 puffs.

Power-Packed Performance: RELX Crush Pocket 6000

RELX Crush Pocket 6000

Say goodbye to disposable vapes that only last a few days. The RELX Crush Pocket 6000 Icy Mineral Water is a real engineering marvel that should help deliver an extended period of satisfying vapes. 

This bestselling device, with a staggering capacity of 6,000 puffs, can enable one to vape nonstop for weeks.

Icy Refreshment with a Twist

This starts off with a cool and refreshing base, perfect for when you want a clean and invigorating vape. On the exhale, just a bit of sweetness hangs around, really giving it a nice layered flavor profile.

Innovation Meets Convenience

The Crush Pocket 6000 offers more than just puff count—an advanced atomizer with Mech Coil 2.0 technology for constant and flavorful vaping. With a 10W battery, it never forgets the satisfying throat hit.

Also, this one has a 470mAh battery that helps you swipe up the occasional vape a bit longer. Fast charging brings the device back to 80% in only 45 minutes. 

High Nic Series: For the Intense Vaper

Our High Nic Series caters to advanced vapers looking for a stronger vape. With 5 percent, it has more nicotine than any of our other regular offerings, making the series very dictated to people traditionally relying on classic cigarettes.

Flavor Profiles for Every Preference

Our high nicotine vapes are not all about strength; it has a variety of flavor profiles that will tickle your fancy. For example, there is this smooth, familiar feeling when  Creamy Tobacco hits your taste buds, a little like a classic cigarette.

Nicotine Strength: The Need-to-Know

This new vape kit contains a higher nicotine content than most vape pods available in the market. While this would mean a stronger throat hit, it would also mean a more satisfying vape for the experienced user.

Why RELX Leads the Pack in 2024

  • Focus on Smoothness: RELX vapes are designed to give a smooth vape due to temperature control or with the aid of some advanced atomizer design.
  • High-Quality Materials: RELX never compromises on quality raw materials to ensure durability, safety, and the overall consumer experience of the product.
  • Variety of Flavors: RELX has a wide range of flavors to suit all tastes and may include some new or trendy ones.

Grab Your RELX Vape Kit Today 

With the vape scene changing daily, RELX has managed to stay at the top in 2024. Much of this has to do with staying focused on quality, innovation, and user experience—some rather dramatic elements of their multifaceted vape kits.

Whether you're a seasoned vaper looking for a strong taste and high satisfaction—High Nic Series—or an absolute newbie who wants the full optimization of portability and ease of use—Mini Device and Pod Real—RELX has the perfect option. 

The Crush Pocket 6000 series offers an incredibly powerful, easy, and convenient disposable alternative in a wide array of flavors, including refreshing mineral water.

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