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Introducing RELX’s New Branding

January 16, 2023

New Year, New RELX!

Today, we want to share with you that we have a new and upgraded branding. 

When RELX began in 2018, our mission was to help 1.4 billion adult smokers find a better alternative to traditional cigarettes. After 4 years of providing joyful and convenient vape products, we have now helped more than 22 million RELXers make the switch. 

The journey hasn’t always been easy. Earning trust takes time. However, we constantly find our strength to carry on from voices of RELXers like this one:

“Hi! I’m a pastry chef, and I always worry about losing my taste buds from smoking,” she wrote to us. “But since I picked up my RELX, my sense of taste has actually improved. Thanks for helping me quit cigarettes!”

Yours and many other RELXers’s stories always reinvigorate us with hope, and we want to return the strength of hope to you and to smokers around the world. 

Our new branding shows our focus on creating hope for RELXers who embrace change, and for those who are always exploring new possibilities. 

The Phoenix 

It is the golden bird that is repeatedly reborn and rising from the ashes to live a new life, symbolizing the hope and transformation of lives.  As a brand that empowers people to rise from the ashes - both literally and figuratively - and find a new gorgeous life, the story of the Phoenix epitomises who we are.

The Ray of Hope

It casts a warm glow, a beam of positivity that sheds light on new paths and a brighter future with RELX. The Color of the Sun universally represents something to look forward to. It captures the strength of hope we strive to provide to RELXers.

Beginning January 2023, our new branding will gradually be adapted to online and offline spaces.

We hope you like the new look! 

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