If Your Vape Tank Leaking? Here's How You Can Prevent it

If Your Vape Tank Leaking? Here's How You Can Prevent it

October 22, 2021

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Learning how to care for your device is an important first step for newly switched vapers.

It’s a given that numerous vape devices in the market can be purchased for cheap. However, the relatively low retail cost of these devices may come at a heavy long-term price – leakages. In addition, there can be a few other ‘surprising’ reasons as to why a vape device might leak as well. On that account, it’s crucial that those who are looking to switch master how to use a vape the right way.  

Newly switched vapers, on the other hand, are recommended to service and care for their device regularly. In doing so, they’ll be able to prevent device malfunction, and be able to enjoy a Super Smooth vape experience. On the contrary, negligence and excessive use without proper maintenance can potentially damage a vape pod’s build or structure, and cause a leakage.   

Here’s a 5-step process that can help you to prevent leaking and indulge in every pull with the #WorldSuperSmooth vape device.


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Ensuring that your device is fully charged is an important first step in preventing a vape juice leak.

Step #1: Ensure That Your Vape Device Stays Fully Charged   

Using your device when it’s short on battery life can cause a potential juice leak from the vape pod. The main reason as to why this occurs is because your device’s battery isn’t powerful enough to condense the vape juice optimally. Consequently, the continuous use of a vape device that has low battery will result in a direct pull of juice through the mouthpiece, and not vapor. The RELX Infinity comes with a Slim Fit Charging Case that provides up to 2 days of battery life if it’s used as suggestedIt’s also fitted with a Dual Charging System that enables wireless or wired charging using a built-in pogo pin or USB-C charging port, respectively.  

Step #2: Keep Your Pulls Slow and Smooth   

Go easy with every pull. Simply put, forcing will only lead to vape juice being sucked into the mouthpiece, irrespective of whether your device is sufficiently charged, or nah. Likewise, it’s also important to note that vape pods are not as powerful as other vape devices like pens and box mods. Thus, it’s advisable for vapers and kabayans who are contemplating a switch to suck the vape pods just enough to get vapor into the mouth.

The RELX Pod Pro comes with a Leak-Resistant Maze, which consists of 11 structural layers that are meticulously contoured together for a longer, more secure vaping experience. This feature of the RELX Pod pro together with its ergonomic shape give you the ultimate Super Smooth vaping experience. Now that’s what you call a win-win situation! 

Step #3: Vape with Discipline      

Vaping regularly without restraint can overload your device and increase the risk of it leaking. Therefore, it’s proposed that the newly switched go easy on the frequency of their pulls and the pressure applied when vaping.  

Each RELX Infinity device is integrated with a Smart Pace Vibration Alert, which enables vapers to keep track of how much they vape by vibrating when they take 15 puffs within 15 minutes. In the same way, the device will also vibrate when you charge it.  


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Moderating the frequency of your vaping is important for preventing leakages.

Step #4: Switch Out Your Vape Pods Consistently    

The number of pulls you take must be consistent with the number of times you change vape pods. In doing so, you’ll prevent your vape device’s coil from wearing out, and the wick’s fibers from fraying. This is because a frayed wick can reduce its ability to withhold vape juice. 

Step #5: Choosing the Right Vape Device   

Most importantly, it’s worth considering a vape brand that is affordable, yet respected and well-known globally for its superior reliability. An example of this is RELX products that are accredited with the Good Manufacturing Practice certification. This ensures that every product under the RELX Brand – Infinity and Essential vape devices, and Pod Pro vape pods – is manufactured responsibly. Separately, RELX products typically goes through a rigorous 18-step process to ensure the highest quality. Ultimately, it can be said that great value is getting reliable quality for the money you pay.  

In addition, RELX also features different flavors that can help to make a switch to vaping easier. These include popular choices like RELX Dark Sparkle, Fresh Red, Garden’s Heart, Menthol Xtra, Rich Tobacco, Sunny Sparkle and Tangy Purple that are a hit with existing Filipino vapers. Ultimately, learning how to use a vape device responsibly is as important as choosing one that’s cost-saving and reliable. For more information on RELX products, you can opt to check out the RELX website today.

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